Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Christmas Is Awful!

For many people Christmas is their most favourite time of year: the food, the presents, the snow and everything else that the festive period brings. But there are so many people who struggle at Christmas time who might need an extra helping hand or the occasional hug from a friend.

There are so many people around the world who struggle with so many different things so it is so important to be mindful at Christmas time. Many people struggle with alcohol reliance and as you can imagine, Christmas must be the hardest time for them. With mulled wine, eggnog and so many other alcoholic drinks being very popular in the festive season, it must be so hard to escape it. Everywhere you turn there is a pub, a shop selling alcohol, a Christmas market selling hot mulled wine, temptation is everywhere. If you know someone who is reliant on alcohol or is sober who may be struggling, drop them a message, ask how they're doing, if you can do anything for them, if they need anything- just be there.

General loneliness is a massive problem, not only here in the UK but all over the world. Many people feel lonely, especially at Christmas time- people go away, their family have passed away, they have been made homeless, there are so many reasons why. The most vulnerable are the elderly who may need a helping hand in Winter alone and may just need a bit of company around the festive season so if you could offer that to someone, even just a neighbour, you'd be doing the world a good deed.

Christmas can be an incredibly challenging time for survivors of abuse who may be forced to see their abuser if they're family during this time of year. Some people who dont understand have pushed their family member to 'forgive and forget' their abuse but everybody deals with it in a different way. Toxic family members can also cause a lot of stress for someone at Christmas if they have to see them again, be reminded of their ways and damaging words. Sometimes its okay to remove yourself from a situation even if others dont agree!

Food, as you know, is one of the main focuses at Christmas time with food on full display all Christmas day: Christmas dinner, Christmas pudding, mince pies, cheese boards and whatever else everyone has. For some people this is incredibly desirable but for others it is their worst nightmare. Foor brings fear into so many peoples lives- which it absolutely shouldnt do, I know! But there are so many people around the world who struggle with eating disorders meaning that winter is particularly challenging. If you know someone who has issues with food or is recovering from an eating disorder, drop them a message, ask them how they're doing, its good to be kind.

After the death of someone we know and love, the 'firsts' are always a struggle. First birthday without them. First trip to the seaside without them. First Christmas without them. It is natural to be upset, losing someone is incredibly hard and the 'firsts' without them are always a challenge. What is important is to look back on the memories you had created over the years, reminisce. Read cards, look at photographs, talk about memories- remind yourselves of the good times. Reach out and support each other.

So many people are going through so much and it is hard to know what everyone is going through but if you have a particular person in mind when reading this, drop them a message, go and see them, I promise you that they'll be happy to hear from you.

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