Friday, 20 September 2019

Ernests Retreat

Situated in the beautiful countryside of Ashover, near Chesterfield is Ernests Retreat, a glamping site for all.

Returning for our 2nd visit, Ernests Retreat kindly gifted us this stay. This place is hands down one of my most favourite places and I wouldnt hesitate to visit again. They have everything there which makes a perfect stay.

With a range of accommodation to choose from, including 3 different types of pods, there is something to suit everyone. On our first visit we stayed in pod which had several beds in, which Emily had surprised me with. Having only recently opened on our first visit we were pleasantly surprised by everything we saw. The pods were very clean and the showers were incredible- which, if you know me, is extremely important as I cannot go a day without having a shower.

Our 2nd and gifted visit was a year later than our first and we were surprised with how much things have improved. There is now a kitchen type building where there is a big sink to wash up all of your pots and dry them, a massive communal freezer with ice creams in and an honesty box- obviously I had one, silly question!

My favourite part about the site is the view you get to wake up to. It is no secret that I love photography so Ernests Retreat is my dream view to wake up to. With a view of the whole of Chesterfield, it is beautiful.

The whole site is very clean and family friendly. There is a big patch of grass in the middle of the pods where I have seen many kids playing football on and playing games. For the more little kids there are a few outdoor toys to play with like plastic slides and see-saws.

Compared to everywhere else we have stopped before, Ernests Retreat is at the top. The whole site is immaculate and perfect in every single way. I cannot recommend booking a stay at Ernests Retreat more.

We thoroughly enjoyed our 2nd stay here and will most definitely be returning in the near future. Maybe we should make it a tradition and return every July? Fingers crossed.

Thank you so much Ernests Retreat for a fabulous stay once again.