Friday, 16 August 2019

True Or False: LGBTQ+ Edition

 I found these on Instagram and I thought it would be a different blog post to my usual, so here it is!


I am straight     FALSE
I am questioning     FALSE
I am out of the closet     TRUE
I am in the closet     FALSE
I am not straight     TRUE
I am genderfluid     FALSE
I am transgender     FALSE
I am female     TRUE
I am male     FALSE
I dont want to have a label     SOMEWHAT
I am single     FALSE
I have never dated     FALSE
I am in a straight relationship     FALSE
I am in an LGBTQ+ relationship     TRUE
I have dated the same gender     TRUE
I am afraid of my sexuality     FALSE
My sexuality goes against my religion     FALSE
I am ashamed of my sexuality     FALSE
I am not religious     TRUE
I am asexual     FALSE
I have LGBTQ+ family members     FALSE
I have LGBTQ+ friends     TRUE
I am homophobic     FALSE
My friends are homophobic     FALSE
I am transphobic      FALSE

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