Friday, 16 August 2019


trying to find the light
when all the light is gone
im having to fight
but its a million to one

im a creature of faux 
some would call a fool
but its hard to let go
when it started at school

the best is behind me
the worst is yet to come
i can almost guarantee 
that the future wont be fun

once a happy kid
now a scared adult
who’s mental health slid
self harm is the result

drag a blade across my skin
blood runs down like a stream
forever wishing i could win
and it all would be a dream

the scars they last a lifetime
they wont ever disappear 
recovery is the biggest climb
it was once my worst fear

everyone thinks im better now
but its only just begun
as easy as that i could say ciao
and my days would be done

but im not ready to go yet
there is still warmth in my heart
so please care and dont fret
we will never be apart.

- ebony 

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