Friday, 23 August 2019

If I Ran The World…

If I ran the world, I'd make sure all the following was sorted, I know its not just as easy as doing it and saying it but its the thought that counts right?

If I ran the world, women and mens pay would be equal if they are doing the same job because everyone is equal and deserves to be treated it.

If I ran the world, mental illness stigma wouldnt be a thing because I'd make sure it was a part of the things children learn in schools so they are educated about it.

If I ran the world, there would be counsellors and therapists everywhere, for example, one in an office in a supermarket, a theme park ect, all free of cost without having to book an appointment, so people had easy access to the care, help and support that they need and deserve.

If I ran the world, I'd avoid spending money on pointless things like statues costing way too much and spend the money on things that actually need doing, like feeding the homeless.

If I ran the world, I'd make travelling almost free. I'd give everyone access to a certain amount of travelling so everyone has access to it. If you wanted more than you are given, it is then when you'd have to pay.

If I ran the world, I'd have a hotel/hostel type thing for anyone who has no place to sleep, somewhere where they felt safe. There would be counsellors and people to help with any underlying issues which may have caused the homelessness in the first place, for example, over excessive drinking or drug addiction. There would be people in place to help the people get back into the world of work, help them manage their money and eventually sort themselves out with a place of their own.

If I ran the world, I would make sure people had access to health care via the internet. For example, fully trained doctors who you can get in touch with over the internet or over a video call, where they can prescribe medication to help those who are too scared to go to the doctors, like those with severe social anxiety.

If I ran the world, I'd have a mental health recovery centre where you can just walk in and get help if you needed it, without having to go through a doctor.

If I ran the world, I'd normalise same sex relationships because love is love and love has nothing to do with anyone else other than the two people. 

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