Friday, 26 July 2019

This Or That Challenge

Cookies or cake? Cookies

Cat or dog? It really depends, I love both, so much but I think that dogs are more fun

Pop music or Rock music? Pop, obviously

Pancakes or waffles? Probably pancakes, I dont eat a lot of either really

Hot chocolate or coffee? Coffee

Morning or evening? Evening

Text message or call? Text message, I hate calling on the phone

French or Spanish? Spanish, but french is easier to learn

Summer or winter? Winter

Theater or cinema? It depends what I am seeing, I love both, but cinema definitely wins because of ice blasts

Love or money? Love, definitely. Money doesnt always equate to happiness

Book or movie? Movie, I am so lazy

Tea or coffee? Coffee

Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla

Coca Cola or Pepsi? Pepsi

Rain or snow? Snow

Paper or plastic? Paper

Boat or plane? Plane 

Painting or drawing? Probably painting now

Reading or writing? Writing

Singing or dancing? Singing

T-Shirts or sweaters? Sweaters

Flowers or trees? Flowers

Phone or computer? Phone

Brown or black hair? Brown

Lions or Bears? Lions

Gold or silver? Silver
Frozen yogurt or ice cream? Frozen yogurt

Straight or curly hair? Straight
Fruits or vegetables? Vegetables

Roses or daisies? Roses
Pandas or whales? Pandas
McDonald’s or Burger King? Mcdonalds

Books or magazines? Books

Money or fame? Money

Piercings or tattoos? Tattoos

Bagels or toast? Bagels, obviously

Swim in a pool or in the sea? The sea
Shower or bath? Shower, I have to shower after I bath else because I feel gross still

Breakfast or dinner? Dinner

Facebook or Twitter? Twitter 100%

Mountains or beach? Beach probably, but I love a good view

Being too warm or too cold? Too cold

Pasta or pizza? Pizza probably, but I love them both so much

Online shopping or in-person shopping? Online because it is less stressful but in person because you can try stuff on and you dont have to mess around sending stuff back

Writing poetry or reading poetry? Definitely reading, I suck at writing poetry

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