Friday, 12 July 2019

5 Guilty Pleasures

This is a sort of 'expose myself' blog post, to destroy the image you have of me, the truth: my guilty pleasures.

1. Crisps
If you have met me, you probably know that I love crisps more than life, honestly. All crisps, any flavours (just about). I could literally eat crisps all day, every day. Chocolate or crisps? Crisps. Sweets or crisps? Crisps. Snack? Crisps.

2. Celebrity gossip
I love celebrity gossip. I find myself reading any articles that I see on my twitter timeline, even if I know they're probably fake. It doesnt matter if I like the celebrity or not, if it is a bit of juicy gossip, I am probably reading it... Or have read it. I sometimes even have a googling session where I will type in someones name and just read related articles to the search.

3. Checking my blog stats
Checking my blog stats is something I am absolutely obsessed with. There is nothing more great than reaching a milestone or a goal that you have set yourself after it slowly creeping with regards to blog views, country reach ect!

4.  Watching Demi Lovato laughing compilations on YouTube
I go on YouTube and watch Demi Lovato laughing compilations as much as possible. There is something so infectious about her smile and her laugh and I just cannot help but feel happy when I watch them.

5. Stalking myself on twitter
I stalk myself on twitter at least once a day. I think I am a twitter perfectionist. If something doesnt look right next to something else, or there is a tweet with just 1 like, I will delete it. I delete all the replies to other peoples tweets because I think it just looks so messy.

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