Friday, 28 June 2019

Things They Dont Teach You In School

You know what I find strange? How we spend the majority of our childhoods in school yet they dont teach us a bunch of important things with regards to ourselves. When you're young, thats when you are trying to find yourself, trying to discover your talents and see what you are interested in, which is a fundamental part of growing up. Yet school is only focused learning academic subjects in order to attain high grades, which I think is so wrong.

Through school sadly many people get picked on and made to feel like they are nothing. I think there needed to be at least one lesson a week where students were shown their own worth, taught about the values of life and living their lives. This could also be a time for sitting and chatting about personal struggles or achievements for a sense of support in school from peers and teachers. Unfortunately, I doubt this would ever happen, but I wish it did. School doesnt at all make you feel your own worth, rather the opposite. You are constantly nagged at if you are underachieving. Told off if you arent taking part in lessons. Shouted at for needing a break. You are made to feel like a failure if you are underachieving in subjects and its so wrong.

I think it is important that children know that it is so important to follow your own path. If you have goals that you want to reach, it is important that you follow them and do what you want to do. In school you are definitely pressured by teachers to do more academic subjects if you are able, yet sometimes, it just isnt for you. In higher years of high school you are pushed and pressured into thinking about university, but again, university isnt for everyone and thats okay! I think my school was definitely lacking of someone to say that it is okay to do what you want to do and to not be pressured by anyone to do anything else.

When you leave school, you do realise the true value of family and friends. As you leave, you become distant from your old school friends and you begin to see who are true friends and who arent and you value them a lot more. Everyone is a lot busier after high school so seeing friends may be at the bottom of most peoples lists as their lives get hectic but that makes you appreciate who is there for you and who isnt. I think after you leave school, you are exposed to the realities of life a whole lot more than you were before and in time you may get faced with a death in the family or someone close to you which can truly break you. You soon learn that every day is precious, you stop taking things for granted and be thankful for every day you have on this planet and with the people you love, because sadly, tomorrow isnt always promised.

And THE single most important thing that they dont teach you in school, you ask? Self worth and self love. Loving yourself is the greatest power that you will ever have. If you dont even try to love yourself, there is absolutely no chance that you will enjoy anything that you do. Self acceptance is key and knowing your self worth is so important. You are so worthy of love, life, happiness and successes. You are so powerful and your words are so important. You are so strong and you deserve to be seen. You are perfect in every way and you should never let anybody tell you anything different.


  1. This is so true. At school we are taught about religion and given sex education taught about bullying taught right from wrong. Yet it is ok for Gay people trans people and all other people who are different (according to other people) to be bullied. Where does it ever say love can only be between a man and a wan. It's about time that we were taught that it's ok to be who you want to be love who you want to love. It's not ok to be told you are disgusting and a disgrace. That is just not OK