Saturday, 1 June 2019

Save The UKs Seals With Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary

I recently was lucky enough to be able to visit Skegness Seal Sanctuary once again. Skegness Seal Sanctuary (Natureland) kindly gifted me 2 free tickets into the sanctuary to show you guys what they are all about. Normally, if I am going to Skegness, a trip to Natureland is 100% on the cards, so to be gifted entry was incredible, so thank you guys at Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary.

Through the doors and you are initially greeted by the large adult seals who spend a lot of their time underwater it seems, but you can watch them swimming around their pool through a glass piece which is really handy with little ones! Luckily, I caught one sun bathing, catching the odd ray of sunshine and got this photograph of it seemingly smiling.

From there I always go straight to the meerkat enclosure because lets be honest, who doesnt love meerkats? Sadly when I got there it was raining lightly so they were inside as I assume they arent a fan of the rain like myself. Then I headed inside to the reptiles and insects. This strangely is one of my favourite parts- strangely as I literally hate snakes and have nightmares about them 24/7 but theres something so special about this place, it just takes your fears right away. I love seeing the chameleon though and all the other little weird and wonderful things.

Talking about hot, we then went to the butterfly house, where it really is hot. My glasses and camera lens instantly steamed up so we had to wait a good 10 minutes in there to adjust to the temperature in there and with a few wipes on my top I could finally see! My camera wasnt adjusting very well to the heat in there however so I found it somewhat hard to capture the shots I wanted of the butterflies but I will show you some of my favourite down below.

Following on from this we visited the funniest animals at the sanctuary- I dont think these need an introduction. Their teeth just full on crack me up.

I have never been able to take photographs of these incredible little birds before but they are so beautiful and I am in love with the photographs that I have taken of them. I am not usually a fan of the colour blue but on these birds, how can you not love it? The green colour is beautiful too. I had a bit of trouble with the mesh at first as it was super hard to take photographs through the mesh but I'd say I was pretty successful in attempting to blur out the mesh whilst I was taking the pictures.

And what is a not so pretty bird you ask? First picture below. But on a serious note, this section of the sanctuary is one of my favourite- sheep and goats, I love goats more than life and I even have one of my own at my grandparents house. I feel right at home there.

We then headed in to see the fish, which I literally never get photographs of, who knows why! I managed to get some half decent shots this time which I am super happy with. Obviously my favourite part of the fish section was finding Nemo and Dory.... Obviously.

Then, we saved the best 2 until last: the penguins and the smaller seals. I love watching the baby seals, like love, love! I love seeing how playful they are and how much they splash around. But I kid you not- the thunder scared them so much, I mean, I dont blame them really, even I am a bit scared! And penguins, who doesnt just adore penguins? Their little waddle is the most adorable thing ever.

Skegness Seal Sanctuary has so much more there than what I have showed you but my god is it worth a visit! It is SO worth every penny that you pay to get in and with your entry fee, it goes towards the upkeep of the sanctuary. It is such a special place with the well being and care of the animals so obviously in their hearts and I just love it so much. Please, if you are in skegness, drop by and visit- or even plan a visit to Skegness around the sanctuary, thats what I do!

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