Friday, 14 June 2019

A 10 Step Guide To Compulsory Summer Self Care

1. Take a break from technology
Use summer as an excuse to cleanse your mind of all negativity. Technology is known to drain you mentally and can be a big part of why you are feeling so down. So, whilst the rain is away and the sun is out- who knows how long for though, put your phone down and do something else. Pick up a book, take up a new hobby, pick some flowers, go for a walk, anything.

2. Spend time near water
Take a trip to a beach, if you cant get to a beach, a river, lake, pond or stream. I dont know why but whenever I am near water I feel so much better about life. It has such a soothing, calming affect on me and I cant help but appreciate what is around me.

3. Go for a walk and spend some time outside
Being out in the fresh air, more often than not, makes me feel so much better about life in general and myself. I appreciate my surroundings and the world around me a lot more. It is nice to get out with people you love too and just be able to talk to them openly and honestly without any distractions like technology.

4. Work on your skin care
We all know how we feel when our skin is bad, right? So, this summer, try to work on it, use face masks, exfoliate, moisturise ect. When your skin glows, you do too!

5. Eat fresh and healthy foods
What we eat really does change how we feel, so in order to look after our minds and our bodies, the answer is to eat good stuff! My body feels so much better if I have a quorn chicken salad compared to a greasy pizza or a McDonalds, so treat it how it deserves, nourish it with fruits and vegetables.

6. Wake up earlier than usual
I dont know why but whenever I wake up early (around 7) rather than like 9, I feel so much better about myself and the day ahead. It is so much easier to get and stay motivated and it makes completing my tasks feel like a breeze. Not only this but it makes you want to go to bed earlier too, which is a win, win situation. Wake up, make your bed, have a shower and get dressed straight away.

7. Wear clothes that make you feel good
If you feel like you look good, then usually you will feel good too. Always make sure you are comfortable and confident in what you are wearing but make sure you dress weather accordingly. Dont adhere to what is in fashion right now if it doesnt make you feel good. Wear what makes you feel good, no one else!

8. Have a summer clear out
There is truly nothing worse than feeling cluttered in summer. I have been having a lot of clear outs lately and it does make me feel so much better about myself. Coming home to a clean bedroom makes all the difference after a hard day.

9. Make a summer bucket list 
Having goals that you want to achieve can be incredibly beneficial for anyone. Make a bucket list of things that you want to do this summer and religiously stick to it. Take pictures- lots of them and remember to look back on all of the things that you have done and the memories that you have made. Get out of your comfort zone and explore your surroundings. You will be amazed at how good it can feel to be free and to be achieving goals.

10. Give yourself a pet talk. 
You ARE good enough. You ARE beautiful. Your body IS normal. You really dont need to change anything about yourself to enjoy summer. You are you and that is all that matters. Dont compare yourself to others, everyone has their own personal journey and story. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself time out if you need it. You deserve nothing but kindness.

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