Friday, 28 June 2019

Things They Dont Teach You In School

You know what I find strange? How we spend the majority of our childhoods in school yet they dont teach us a bunch of important things with regards to ourselves. When you're young, thats when you are trying to find yourself, trying to discover your talents and see what you are interested in, which is a fundamental part of growing up. Yet school is only focused learning academic subjects in order to attain high grades, which I think is so wrong.

Through school sadly many people get picked on and made to feel like they are nothing. I think there needed to be at least one lesson a week where students were shown their own worth, taught about the values of life and living their lives. This could also be a time for sitting and chatting about personal struggles or achievements for a sense of support in school from peers and teachers. Unfortunately, I doubt this would ever happen, but I wish it did. School doesnt at all make you feel your own worth, rather the opposite. You are constantly nagged at if you are underachieving. Told off if you arent taking part in lessons. Shouted at for needing a break. You are made to feel like a failure if you are underachieving in subjects and its so wrong.

I think it is important that children know that it is so important to follow your own path. If you have goals that you want to reach, it is important that you follow them and do what you want to do. In school you are definitely pressured by teachers to do more academic subjects if you are able, yet sometimes, it just isnt for you. In higher years of high school you are pushed and pressured into thinking about university, but again, university isnt for everyone and thats okay! I think my school was definitely lacking of someone to say that it is okay to do what you want to do and to not be pressured by anyone to do anything else.

When you leave school, you do realise the true value of family and friends. As you leave, you become distant from your old school friends and you begin to see who are true friends and who arent and you value them a lot more. Everyone is a lot busier after high school so seeing friends may be at the bottom of most peoples lists as their lives get hectic but that makes you appreciate who is there for you and who isnt. I think after you leave school, you are exposed to the realities of life a whole lot more than you were before and in time you may get faced with a death in the family or someone close to you which can truly break you. You soon learn that every day is precious, you stop taking things for granted and be thankful for every day you have on this planet and with the people you love, because sadly, tomorrow isnt always promised.

And THE single most important thing that they dont teach you in school, you ask? Self worth and self love. Loving yourself is the greatest power that you will ever have. If you dont even try to love yourself, there is absolutely no chance that you will enjoy anything that you do. Self acceptance is key and knowing your self worth is so important. You are so worthy of love, life, happiness and successes. You are so powerful and your words are so important. You are so strong and you deserve to be seen. You are perfect in every way and you should never let anybody tell you anything different.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Never Have I Ever: LGBTQ+ Edition

 I found these on Instagram and I thought it would be a different blog post to my usual, so here it is!

                                                       I HAVE or I HAVE NEVER 

Come out     I HAVE
Been in denial     I HAVE
Lied about your sexuality     I HAVE
Worn a binder     I HAVE NEVER
Dated the same gender     I HAVE
Been in a polyamorus relationship     I HAVE NEVER
Dated the opposite gender     I HAVE
Taken testosterone     I HAVE NEVER
Crushed on the same gender     I HAVE
Had homophobic friends     I HAVE NEVER
Has your religion go against your sexuality     I HAVE NEVER
Changed your preferred pronouns     I HAVE NEVER
Had homophobic comments from someone     I HAVE
Worn rainbow clothes     I HAVE
Been misgendered     I HAVE NEVER
Had good comments about your relationship from youngsters     I HAVE
Been confused about your sexuality     I HAVE
Kissed a gender you weren't attracted to     I HAVE
Had good comments about your relationship from the older generation     I HAVE
Been outed     I HAVE
Had questions asked about your sexuality     I HAVE
Been to pride     I HAVE

Friday, 14 June 2019

A 10 Step Guide To Compulsory Summer Self Care

1. Take a break from technology
Use summer as an excuse to cleanse your mind of all negativity. Technology is known to drain you mentally and can be a big part of why you are feeling so down. So, whilst the rain is away and the sun is out- who knows how long for though, put your phone down and do something else. Pick up a book, take up a new hobby, pick some flowers, go for a walk, anything.

2. Spend time near water
Take a trip to a beach, if you cant get to a beach, a river, lake, pond or stream. I dont know why but whenever I am near water I feel so much better about life. It has such a soothing, calming affect on me and I cant help but appreciate what is around me.

3. Go for a walk and spend some time outside
Being out in the fresh air, more often than not, makes me feel so much better about life in general and myself. I appreciate my surroundings and the world around me a lot more. It is nice to get out with people you love too and just be able to talk to them openly and honestly without any distractions like technology.

4. Work on your skin care
We all know how we feel when our skin is bad, right? So, this summer, try to work on it, use face masks, exfoliate, moisturise ect. When your skin glows, you do too!

5. Eat fresh and healthy foods
What we eat really does change how we feel, so in order to look after our minds and our bodies, the answer is to eat good stuff! My body feels so much better if I have a quorn chicken salad compared to a greasy pizza or a McDonalds, so treat it how it deserves, nourish it with fruits and vegetables.

6. Wake up earlier than usual
I dont know why but whenever I wake up early (around 7) rather than like 9, I feel so much better about myself and the day ahead. It is so much easier to get and stay motivated and it makes completing my tasks feel like a breeze. Not only this but it makes you want to go to bed earlier too, which is a win, win situation. Wake up, make your bed, have a shower and get dressed straight away.

7. Wear clothes that make you feel good
If you feel like you look good, then usually you will feel good too. Always make sure you are comfortable and confident in what you are wearing but make sure you dress weather accordingly. Dont adhere to what is in fashion right now if it doesnt make you feel good. Wear what makes you feel good, no one else!

8. Have a summer clear out
There is truly nothing worse than feeling cluttered in summer. I have been having a lot of clear outs lately and it does make me feel so much better about myself. Coming home to a clean bedroom makes all the difference after a hard day.

9. Make a summer bucket list 
Having goals that you want to achieve can be incredibly beneficial for anyone. Make a bucket list of things that you want to do this summer and religiously stick to it. Take pictures- lots of them and remember to look back on all of the things that you have done and the memories that you have made. Get out of your comfort zone and explore your surroundings. You will be amazed at how good it can feel to be free and to be achieving goals.

10. Give yourself a pet talk. 
You ARE good enough. You ARE beautiful. Your body IS normal. You really dont need to change anything about yourself to enjoy summer. You are you and that is all that matters. Dont compare yourself to others, everyone has their own personal journey and story. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself time out if you need it. You deserve nothing but kindness.

Friday, 7 June 2019

5 Things I Can’t Live Without

1. My girlfriend- lately she has been the one that is there through everything, the one to make me smile all the time. I am spending so much time with her and she is one of the best people I have ever met, I for sure couldn't live without her.

2. My friends and family- the most important people in my life, I wouldnt be anywhere without them.

3. My phone- my phone is 100% my comfort blanket. I am on my phone when I feel awkward, I write on my phone and I contact my most favourite people using it, so it is a massive part of my life that I couldnt live without. My friends and family- the most important people in my life, I wouldnt be anywhere without them.

4. My goat- I love him so much and he makes me so happy. He is so funny and his smile on some of our photos is the most adorable thing.

5. Pizza- I could never, ever, go without pizza, ever. Dont even question it.

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Save The UKs Seals With Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary

I recently was lucky enough to be able to visit Skegness Seal Sanctuary once again. Skegness Seal Sanctuary (Natureland) kindly gifted me 2 free tickets into the sanctuary to show you guys what they are all about. Normally, if I am going to Skegness, a trip to Natureland is 100% on the cards, so to be gifted entry was incredible, so thank you guys at Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary.

Through the doors and you are initially greeted by the large adult seals who spend a lot of their time underwater it seems, but you can watch them swimming around their pool through a glass piece which is really handy with little ones! Luckily, I caught one sun bathing, catching the odd ray of sunshine and got this photograph of it seemingly smiling.

From there I always go straight to the meerkat enclosure because lets be honest, who doesnt love meerkats? Sadly when I got there it was raining lightly so they were inside as I assume they arent a fan of the rain like myself. Then I headed inside to the reptiles and insects. This strangely is one of my favourite parts- strangely as I literally hate snakes and have nightmares about them 24/7 but theres something so special about this place, it just takes your fears right away. I love seeing the chameleon though and all the other little weird and wonderful things.

Talking about hot, we then went to the butterfly house, where it really is hot. My glasses and camera lens instantly steamed up so we had to wait a good 10 minutes in there to adjust to the temperature in there and with a few wipes on my top I could finally see! My camera wasnt adjusting very well to the heat in there however so I found it somewhat hard to capture the shots I wanted of the butterflies but I will show you some of my favourite down below.

Following on from this we visited the funniest animals at the sanctuary- I dont think these need an introduction. Their teeth just full on crack me up.

I have never been able to take photographs of these incredible little birds before but they are so beautiful and I am in love with the photographs that I have taken of them. I am not usually a fan of the colour blue but on these birds, how can you not love it? The green colour is beautiful too. I had a bit of trouble with the mesh at first as it was super hard to take photographs through the mesh but I'd say I was pretty successful in attempting to blur out the mesh whilst I was taking the pictures.

And what is a not so pretty bird you ask? First picture below. But on a serious note, this section of the sanctuary is one of my favourite- sheep and goats, I love goats more than life and I even have one of my own at my grandparents house. I feel right at home there.

We then headed in to see the fish, which I literally never get photographs of, who knows why! I managed to get some half decent shots this time which I am super happy with. Obviously my favourite part of the fish section was finding Nemo and Dory.... Obviously.

Then, we saved the best 2 until last: the penguins and the smaller seals. I love watching the baby seals, like love, love! I love seeing how playful they are and how much they splash around. But I kid you not- the thunder scared them so much, I mean, I dont blame them really, even I am a bit scared! And penguins, who doesnt just adore penguins? Their little waddle is the most adorable thing ever.

Skegness Seal Sanctuary has so much more there than what I have showed you but my god is it worth a visit! It is SO worth every penny that you pay to get in and with your entry fee, it goes towards the upkeep of the sanctuary. It is such a special place with the well being and care of the animals so obviously in their hearts and I just love it so much. Please, if you are in skegness, drop by and visit- or even plan a visit to Skegness around the sanctuary, thats what I do!