Thursday, 21 February 2019

True Or False: My Anxiety Edition

I found these on Instagram and I thought it would be a different blog post to my usual, so here it is!


I hate making decisions      TRUE
I hate loud noises      TRUE
I sweat a lot      TRUE
I fidget a lot      TRUE
I crack my knuckles a lot      FALSE
I hate phone calls      TRUE
I am clingy      SOMETIMES
Headphones are used to avoid people      FALSE
I feel like the whispers are always about me      TRUE
I hate asking questions      TRUE
I hate asking for favours       SOMETIMES
I hate public speaking      TRUE
I mumble      SOMETIMES
I hate parties      TRUE
Elevators are stressful      TRUE
I love self checkout      TRUE
I avoid eyecontact      TRUE
Compliments are awkward      SOMETIMES
I always jump to the worst conclusions      TRUE
I save files multiple times      SOMETIMES
I lock the door constantly      TRUE
I swear people remember the embarrassing things I did 5 years ago     TRUE
I pretend to text in public      TRUE
I bite my nails      FALSE
I blush a lot      TRUE
I laugh when I'm nervous      TRUE

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