Friday, 8 February 2019

Some Inexpensive Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

There can be a lot of pressure on Valentines day to 'pull something out of the bag' so expectations can be high, meaning there can normally be a fair amount of money involved but for some, money is tight. It doesnt have to be all about money. Valentines day is about showing love to the person you love, you can do that without spending a lot at all. I have come up with inexpensive ways to celebrate Valentines day, I hope they can be used by someone!

Things to do:
- Cook your partner a nice home cooked meal- their favourite if you can, light some candles and have a candle lit dinner, just you two. Or, even better, cook it together to spend some time with each other.
- Plan a full day of inexpensive activities that your partner likes to do, for example: walks in the park, a picnic, rock climbing ect.
- Have a cozy day in snuggling and doing your favourite things, this could include movie marathons, chocolate eating, series watching or listening to your shared favourite music.
- Utilise what is around you, places with extraordinary views- have a picnic, photoshoot ect. Watch the sunrise or sunset.
- A spa day at home is a good idea, pick up some bubble bath, bath bombs and candles, make it into a little gift basket and spend the day pampering yourselves.
- Create a movie theatre in your own home, get some blankets, popcorn, chocolate, sweets, drinks and good movies and spend the day under a duvet with the one you love.
- Make a scavenger hunt for your partner, using little notes and clues, the end being a 'prize' of where you are going to take them or what you're going to do for them, or even a gift.
- Repeat your first date.

- Write some little love notes onto pieces of paper, fold them up and put them into a jar- there isnt anything wrong with home made, especially if it is telling them how you feel about them.
-  A photo album containing photos in chronological order from when you first met to Valentines day.
- Make some chocolate covered fruit, just melt some chocolate, dip things like strawberries into a bowl with the chocolate in, put it on greaseproof paper and leave it in the fridge to harden.

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