Monday, 10 December 2018

What To Get Your Best Friend/Significant Other/Internet friend

Are you stuck with what to get your significant other, best friend or an internet friend for Christmas or their birthday? I have a few perfect answers to that! I have done some research and I have found some perfect, affordable items that you could buy for anyone in your life.

Distance bracelets
Distance bracelets are the cutest thing ever. Whether you are in a long distance relationship, friendship or you just want a part of someone special in your life on you at all times, this is the perfect gift!  The bracelets are more than affordable at £4.99 and you dont compromise on quality- the quality is fabulous and the beads are proper. The only problem is deciding who has which one! Get yours here: Distance bracelets website

Personalised candle
I dont know about you but I am so into candles right now. You can get really great smelling ones at the minute and yankee candles are my favourite. I have found a tea light holder that can be personalised! You can get their name put on with a message/date/quote or anything put onto it. You can swap the tea light once it is all burned out after too. This is less than £10 and is genuinely the perfect gift. Get yours here: Personalised candle website

Friendship survival kit
This is a little cute but cheap gift for a friend. It has so much meaning behind it as every little thing in the kit has a meaning regarding friendship. Under £3 and perfect. Even better, if you buy 2 you get 1 free! You just add 3 to your basket- so thats 3 friends sorted! Get yours here: Friendship survival kit website

Personalised reasons why I love you box
I think this is THE cutest thing ever. You can personalise the name and what is on the hearts or you can choose one of the names already on there and the female or male hearts which are below in the description. It is the perfect gift for anyone, your mum, best friend, significant other or sister. It is super personal and it will warm their hearts. At below £15 it is a bargain for what it is. Get yours here: Personalised box website

Personalised wine glass
Do you have a special wine-o-holic in your life? This personalised wine glass is the perfect gift for them. Being below £10 it looks the part and is the perfect gift. Buy them a bottle of their favourite wine or a different one so they can try something different and put them together and it is a great gift for any occasion. You can use any name, any occasion, any message in any font! And if you have more than one wine-o-holic in your life, they have a deal where if you buy 3, you get 1 free. Get yours here: Personalised wine glass website  Instead, for the non-alcohol lovers, you can get this personalised glass: Personalised glass website

Heart locket with personalised box message
This heart locket is such a beautiful gift that you can buy for anyone at all. The seller offers a personalised message put into the gift box which is adorable. get yours here: Heart locket website

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