Sunday, 9 December 2018

Blogmas Day 9: Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is supposed to be all about giving but there is no denying that warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach that you get when you see the beautifully decorated tree with neatly (or unneatly if they're from me) presents for the whole family under and the itching feeling to open your presents.

What I want for Christmas the most this year is memories. I want to live my life and enjoy every single second of it. I am past the stage of wanting toys and little bits, I want practical things right now: money, clothes, bits for my cameras ect. I want to make memories as often as I can. I want to see new places, experience new things, meet new people, try new things and so much more. This is cliche but you really dont know when your last day is going to be, life is a rollercoaster ride and the reality is, tragic things happen so it is so important to live every day to the fullest because you're not promised tomorrow. Realising this allowed me to see beyond my struggles and attempt to get some help so I can finally live my life how I have always wanted to- I'll get there. Thats my Christmas wish: I want to live my life.

I know money doesnt come easy to people and right now, certainly not me! However, for Christmas, I'd really like some money, just instead of things I will never use. Money really is a lifeline. People say that money doesnt equate to happiness, it doesnt, but it certainly helps. What makes me happy is concerts, seeing new places, taking photographs, seeing animals- all of which you need money for. Of course being blessed with such amazing family and friends makes me incredibly happy too and being able to spend time with them, but money helps a lot.

Merch is something I always (literally always) want and get for Christmas. If you think about it, it is a pretty easy gift to give as long as you know the size. So many of my favourite singers bring out such good merch that I could never afford so what do I do? Wait for Christmas (and hope its not sold out!). I know I have 100% got Lucy Spraggan merch for Christmas this year because I got it with money mum gave me so she could wrap it up for Christmas and I accidentally spent a little too much. Merch for Christmas is a great idea until you're dying to wear it and there is still 2 and a half months left until Christmas or something annoying like that, but at least you will have it... at some point.

The last thing on my Christmas wishlist for this year is something that I was so, so excited for to come out only to be let down... but then excited over again! A while back, Miley Cyrus aka my favourite singer ever, as you all may know, teamed up with converse to create a collection. When I saw the photographs of the collection I just wanted to jump through the roof- everything was just so pretty and I wanted it all! Available in the UK? Yes! Christmas presents from the whole family? No. Disappointment? Yes. One problem, they only go up to a size 7 was it? I was genuinely so sad. I always miss out on Miley merch because you usually have to pay the import fee because it comes from America and I was going to miss out on this too. The excitement I felt when walking through the middle of Manchester with Emily and spotting Miley's converse collection in shop windows was incredible, it was just so disheartening that I couldnt actually get my hands on a pair, or my feet in a pair for that matter! Damn my big feet. This all changed in Florida though. We walked into the converse shop after a couple of hours shopping and my face lights up and I spot Miley's collection once more. I kept spotting them, everywhere, the sizes getting bigger and bigger. THEY HAD THEM IN MY SIZE. So, in the excitement, I told mum I was getting 2 pairs and she didnt have a choice in the matter, I'd spend all my money on them if I had to! And they were cheaper than they are in the UK, so whos the real winner? Mum kindly said she would give me both pairs for Christmas. I am dying to wear them but not long left!

My final thing on my wishlist is happiness and good health for everyone in my life right now. Everyone deserves happiness and to enjoy every second of their lives. So, this concludes this post! I hope everyone gets what is on their wishlist too!

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