Friday, 7 December 2018

Blogmas Day 7: 10 Winter Date Night Ideas

I feel like in winter, you sometimes have to get a bit creative for date ideas, or you might find yourself cuddled up on the sofa under a blanket, with a takeaway, watching a film every night. So, here are a few ideas to make a winter date night a bit more interesting!

1. Ice skating
There is genuinely nothing more romantic than going ice skating, outdoors, in the dark, with your significant other. The coats, scarves, hats make it so cosy. The Christmas trees, the lights make it so pretty. If it is near Christmas markets then the smells are wonderful too, ginger bread, hot chocolate, mmm.

2. Cinema
When is the cinema not a good idea if there is a good film on, really? Warmth, snuggles, entertainment and snacks- perfect.

3. Cook together 
Whether its a home made pizza or a home made indian banquet, cooking together is always fun. Put on some music and make a mess, then you get to enjoy good food after!

4. Photoshoot
Colour match your outfit, choose a cute location, put on the self timer and pose!

5. Living room camp out
Search the house for all the blankets and sheets you can find, let out your inner child. Make a fort in the living room between the sofas or chairs. Get some fairy lights, pillows, your quilt and snuggle up. Stick on a movie, get some snacks and you're sorted for the night.

6. Walk
Stick a coat on, some thick socks and get outside, explore the world around you hand in hand.

7. Christmas lights
Get a blanket, jump in the car and drive around your town looking at all the Christmas lights. This is something we always do, even if it is just a little detour on the way or way back from somewhere.

8. Game night at home
Find out and dust off all your old games, borrow some off family and friends. Spend the whole night in each others company playing games.

9. Snow men and snow ball fight
Winter time means there is a possibility of snow and what is better than making snowmen and having a snow ball fight together? You can finish this with hot chocolate and snuggles on the sofa in the warmth.

10. Ginger bread house competition
Everyone is a bit competitive right? Buy a basic ginger bread house each, get some supplies and the competition is on! Whoevers house looks the best wins. You can eat it after too, so entertainment and food!

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