Sunday, 23 December 2018

Blogmas Day 23: My Favourite 5 Restaurants

I dont think that it is any secret that I love food a bit too much. I love a good meal out somewhere, so I thought that it would be fun to write a post about what my favourite restaurants are, what I usually order from there and so on. So, enjoy!

1. Pizza Hut
Obviously, my number 1 is pizza hut, every time. Pizza Hut is my favourite place on this earth ever. Their BBQ Americano, cheese bites pizza is to die for. I could eat the whole thing myself. And the unlimited salad? What could be better really? Me and my family usually share a large pizza between us all and then just have salad and it is the most incredible thing ever. And now I am sad because I have made myself want pizza hut, ugh.

2. Cosmo
So apparently some people have never heard of Cosmo and I am shocked and ashamed. I love cosmo more than life. The choice is just incredible. Chinese, Indian, British, American and so much more that are not the typical things you would eat. My favourite thing there is this sweet and sour chicken stuff and it is honestly to die for. I also absolutely adore the chicken tikka sauce and rice from there too, like I literally crave these two dishes. The choices on offer just blows my mind completely. I am not much of a chocolatey person but my god, they have a chocolate fountain with milk and white chocolate in it. Put some ice cream from the machine in your bowl and dip your bowl under both sides of the fountain. It is heavenly.

3. Toby Carvery
I am slightly in love with vegetables so as you can imagine, Toby Carvery is my heaven. I ask for no meat and they even give me a bigger plate for my vegetables. Honestly, I adore it there. I love the green beans there more than anything and the carrots. Get me there now.

4. Purple Pakora
Purple Pakora is a place that I only recently discovered having met Emily and honestly I am glad she introduced me to it but now I just want the curry all of the time. I have never really enjoyed indians much but my god I loved it there. I had a veggie rogan josh and it was absolutely gorgeous.

5. Pizza Express
Pizza Express is a bit pricey but once in a while, it is 100% worth it. I always have a pepperoni pizza with chillis on it and it is so, so good. I remember when me and Emily took a trip to Blackpool, we had had a couple of drinks and went to Pizza Express. Emilys pizza was much bigger than mine, I was half way through mine and Emily had completely finished. I was so shocked and I still think about it and laugh about it.

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