Friday, 21 December 2018

Blogmas Day 21: 5 Quick, Kind Things To Do This Christmas

1. Donate to your local food banks
This is such an easy thing to do that could help someone out so much all year around but especially around the holiday period. It doesnt even have to be something expensive, you can get such cheap canned food to donate from pretty much anywhere.

2. Donate warm clothing to shelters
Every winter is cold, even if you have a home, but for the homeless it must be so, so tough. You could donate clothing, blankets, hats, gloves or other necessities to a local shelter or to people living on the streets. Although small to you, it will make a massive difference to someone.

3. Send sick children gifts
In my town, every year gifts are collected and taken to the local hospital for all the children in there at the time. The staff there are so thankful for the gifts and I am sure the children would be.

4. Listen
Christmas can be a very tough time for many people, so the kindest thing you could do for someone is listen. Offer someone a chat. A chat could be the difference between life and death for someone, you really never know unless you listen. Please allow someone to open up and vent to you.

5. Pay It Forward
You can do this anonymously or not. It could be paying for someones coffee behind you in the queue or paying for someones shopping. It would certainly help someone else and make their day so much better.

6. Volunteer 
At Christmas there are many opportunities to volunteer, whether this is in soup kitchens, charity shops or just visiting the elderly, you will be making a difference. There are so many people that would be extremely grateful for a bit of help.

7. Foster
I know that fostering is a very long process but how great would it be to give a child a loving home for a short while? You can start the process this Christmas and it will change your life. You could have a child for Christmas next year. Obviously this is a massive commitment which will need a lot of thinking about but you would never have to doubt the impact that you are having on a childs life.

8. Donate to charity
I know money doesnt come easy to everyone but it doesnt even have to be a lot. Just £1 could help so much and it is better than nothing! It all adds up. Plus it will make you feel so great having given to a great cause.

9. Help others decorate for Christmas
This holiday season you could help a grandparent, neighbour, friend or anyone really, to put up their Christmas decorations. This will not only make them feel more Christmassy, but it will make you feel a lot more Christmassy too and it will make you feel good about yourself for having helped out someone else. You could help others decorate just for the fun of it or some may need help because of a disability or something. You could also offer your time to come and help them take it down.

10. Give a pet a home 
There are so many cats and dogs needing homes this Christmas. It is important to remember that animals are for life, not just for Christmas. Having a pet is a big commitment and it takes a lot of love and costs a fair bit of money. These animals deserve the same amount of love and care as you and I so it is important that you understand the commitment before adopting.

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