Thursday, 20 December 2018

Blogmas Day 20: Merry Christmas Lucy and Georgie

Just another Christmas project for Lucy and Georgie Spraggan! Have an amazing Christmas!

Merry Christmas Sprucy Laggan and G. I hope you have the most magical and memorable Christmas ever, you both deserve it so much. Thank you for everything you have both done for me. You're both 2 incredible humans that deserve the most happiness ever. I love you both so much, I miss you also. Hopefully see you soon!
Lots of love from Ebola, Ebony 

Merry Christmas Lucy and Georgie hope you have a good one, Lucy I will have your Xmas songs on repeat all day long and I’ll be thinking of you while I listen to them.
from Ella Steggles, Instagram: @ellasteggles

Merry Christmas Lucy and Georgie thank for all you do! Keep being the beautiful souls you are! 
Alice Marie Hodges

Hey lucy and georgie! I just wanted to write a message to say I hope you have a excellent christmas that you both enjoy. You are such amazing people and such inspirations to so many people. I want to say thankyou for being such a down to earth person Lucy when I've met you at your concerts and how you've helped me so much through your music. I also just want to say I think it's incredible that you are foster carers and are opening your home to help so many young vulnerable people , youse truly deserve the best christmas ever.
love u loads, Shannon, Instagram: @shannon_gxox

Merry Christmas both! This year has been fab for you I hope this Christmas is shared with your loved ones and you have a blast ... this Christmas mine not so much but still I send lots of love and best wishes ... Let the good times roll!! 
Rachel Thorne

Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas and new year, looking forward to the new year, new tour and hopefully new music. 
All the best, Jade, Instagram: @jadey3321

Merry Christmas! Lucy, Seeing you in concert in the U.S. was one of my dreams come true!! I couldn’t believe I met you after the show either! You’re my favorite artist and I am so glad I found you on the X-Factor. Your songs are incredible and so are you!!! Georgie, I love watching your insta stories and you’re so funny!
Jennifer Gudding, Instagram: @jennifergudding

Hey ladies! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with all the good food, booze and family time and it’s as special as you two are!
Love Jess Howard

Nadolig llawen! Merry Xmas
love from Lianne, Sarah, Alisha, Dan, Lucy and Jack in south Wales

Merry Christmas Lucy, Georgie and family. Hope you all have an awesome day and enjoy the festive celebrations together love you lots all the best for 2019 and hope all your dreams come true
Jaymie Morrison, Instagram: @jamiemorrison1988

Merry Christmas Luce and G, may next year be great for you! As grandparents, have a swell time.
love Danielle Marshall Xx @wotyoulookinat

Hey Lucy and Georgie, your both such great institutions to so many people including me, I hope you have such a great Christmas and I can’t wait to see you both on the next tour! 
Rebecca, Twitter:  @jerramrebecca, Instagram: @beckyxxj 

Lucy thank you for being an inspiration and all round genuine person🥰I admire you and everything you do. You have given me pals for life and I couldn’t thank you more! Thank you for your amazing music and gigs, it gives me something to look forward to! I love you millions. Georgie thank you for being so so so lovely! I love you and everything you do (especially your snaps and insta stories) You are always up for a chat at the gigs and it’s truly so special. 🥰I love you millions.
Love Freya Killick, Twitter: @freyakillick1, Instagram: freyakillick 

Merry Christmas Lucy & Georgie! I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas & Steve too. Lucy you are so inspirational to many people and such a strong person. I’m a student mental health nurse and some of your songs mean a lot to me in terms of my work and on a personal level too. So thank you for your music. And Georgie, the amount of support you provide for Lucy is incredible, seeing the both of you smile and looking happy just makes my day. I hope that when I have a partner in the future, we can look at each other just the way you two do. I wouldn’t have picked any other couple to be foster parents, being a care leaver myself - you are the perfect candidates; dedicated, supportive and a great team! Anyway, have a lovely Christmas & Happy new year to all three of you!!!!
Love Sophie Shasby, Instagram: @sophie_carris

Merry Christmas too my two fav lil pigs! I hope you have the best time ever! You both deserve it! Thankyou for the magic you bring to my life! Thankyou for tour and being amazing. I miss you both and I love y'all even more! Christmas is a time for joy and love and that's everything you guys give! You are both so stunning and kind through and through! P.s. I hope to see you in a cave next year xoxo 
Summer Wilson, Twitter: @heresums, Instagram: @heresums 

To Lucy and G, Merry Christmas my fave couple. I adore the both of you and hope this time of years brings you more happiness that you can imagine. Keep smiling please. I love you lots.
Love Kellie, @kellie_newport

Lucy & G- have the most wonderful Christmas! You are amazing people and you both inspire me every single day. I can't wait for what is to come music wise and also for the tour. I love you both! Lots of love Joseph, @JosephRail

To Lucy and Georgie, Wishing you all a Merry Christmas filled with laughter, light and love. Congratulations to Lucy on the success of her tour. Can't wait to receive the new album and see you in Leicester 2019. 
Love Melanie, Instagram: @Scousemouse96 

Merry Christmas Lucy and Georgie! Hope you both have an amazing time as you deserve the world! Thank you for turning me into the person I’ve become and inspiring me over the Lucy! I’ll never stop supporting you! Love you so much both of you! 
From Lauryn Netherwood, Instagram: @laurynthatlesbox

Ever since 2012 I've looked up to you and last year my dream came true I got to meet you it was the happiest day ever and I even got a photo! Unfortunately I was to scared to get one with G  but next time I will ... Yous are my idols and I will allways look up to you both! So happy Christmas I hope you both have an amazing day you'd deserve it! X
Emma Stringer, Instagram: @Emma95834

Merry Christmas Lucy and Georgie! Hope you both have the most amazing Christmas as you both deserve it! What an amazing year for you both! Looking forward to next year! 
Love Amiie Joynes, Twitter: @Amiiejoynes 

Hi Lucy, Georgie and Steven, I hope you guys have a lovely Christmas and new year . You’re both my inspiration and I’d love to meet you both some day ! You both work so hard and are such great role models to children and adults too!! I really hope Lucy does some more concerts near to Cornwall as I’d love to see you again live in 2019! 
Best wishes, Jasmin Pattenden, Instagram: @jasmin_louise1, Twitter: @jasminpattende3

Hey Luce!! Merry Christmas dude, thank you for everything you’ve done for me these past years. Whether you’ve known it or not you have helped me so much and you have made me comfortable with learning who I am, travelling around the world, making new pals and discovering music that’ll forever have meaning in my heart and that I’ll treasure. You are bloody phenomenal. I hope you and your family have the most incredible crimbo ever. Hey G!! Merry Christmas lovely, thank - you so much for everything you do for us. Taking time to chat to us, take photos, getting to know us on and off of tour. We all appreciate it hugely and you’re bloody amazing. You teach us lessons that you don’t even mean to and for that we are so thankful. I hope you and your family have such a special crimbo! 
Take care and love always, the “Jersey girl”, Hannah Amy, Twitter: @han_amy12, Instagram: @Hannnah_amy

Merry Christmas to the Spraggans! You guys deserve everything good in the world. Thank you for all you’ve done for everyone,  now focus on yourselves this Christmastime and have an incredible one
Lots of love, always, AKB, Twitter: @AlexKayBowman 

To Lucy and G, Merry Christmas and I hope 2019 is a great year for you both and Steven as you deserve the world and more. Thank you for the selfies from last tour you’re both lovely, beautiful people and I hope to meet you again one day. I am so thankful for all of your songs they are incredible and have helped cheer me up whenever I’ve felt down, anxious or upset. I’m really looking forward to the new album and another tour next year!!!! Ilove you both lots and I’m so proud of how far you’ve come 
All my love Sophie Wheeler, Twitter: @SophieLWheeler1 

Merry Christmas Georgie&Lucy!! Thank you so much for all the hard work you both do for us all. Rest well over this break ready for the new year!!! Love Chan, Twitter: @MissChannBennet

Well what a year it has been being a spraggan fan just keeps getting better. LUCY what can I say, your music keeps me going, I hope you realise how much you and your music means to me, it keeps me alive , you even gained a new fan in my daughter (even though she didn't want her photo taken ) you made her cry when you sang tea and toast. I love meeting you and G before the show and being at the front and getting the best view. GEORGINA you are a amazing loving woman and you have made Lucy so happy which now shows in her songs I love having a little catch up with you both we need to go for a pint lol and show me how to drink you both look like you are fun to be I hope you enjoy the pressies I bring you both. I hope you both have a amazing Christmas and get every thing you wish for although Lucy can't keep a secret. Have a fab time with family and friends Steve and baby Albas first Christmas 
Love Bev Hodgson Instagram: @Bevhodgson1, Twitter: @bevjcollins 

Merry Christmas! Thank you for an awesome year! Hope you’re both having the most amazing day See you next year!
Love Abbie Roberts

For the sprag, are your bank details still the same from when I sent you money for Jordan last year? Also who is it for more than happy to send over some dollar xxx

Merry Christmas, I love you both, have a good one
love Alicia

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