Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Blogmas Day 19: Reviewing Last Years Resolutions

Last year I set myself some New Years resolutions, which I actually dont normally do. I tried to make them super realistic so that they were reachable. I thought it would be an awesome idea to look back at them and see how far I have come in a year.

Last years resolutions:

1. give myself credit for every step forward, no matter how small it may seem.
2. leave the house at least 3 times a week, or at least briefly consider it.
3. drink 2 pint glasses full of water every day (trust me, its hard for me).
4. go on an adventure, no matter how big or small at least once a month.
5. post a blog post at least twice a month.
6. attempt to reply to all messages within an hour of receiving them.
7. put money in a tin to save up.
8. swear less.
9. get at least 7 hours sleep.
10. plan everything to keep my mind organised.
11. get a job.
12. focus on myself more.
13. make more time for friends and family.
14. do what is best for me in situations where a decision is being forced.
15. love myself.

Just to quickly comment, I think I have done pretty well on the majority of these and for the others, I would say I am well on the way to achieving them.

I think this year I have definitely gave myself credit for everything I have achieved and accomplished. I have celebrated every victory and I have had people celebrate with me, which has been incredible. I have achieved so much this year really, I went on a bus alone, I used a card at a self check out in a shop and I finally went to the doctors! So much progress from last year!

Leaving the house is something I definitely struggled with this year. I tried to get out as much as I could, whether this was for a shopping trip with mum, down the farm with dad or just for a walk with someone, I tried to take up every opportunity to leave the house when possible.

Honestly, for the first part of the year, I absolutely smashed the whole drinking lots of water thing- I drank more than I ever have but towards the end of this year I have got worse at it. Also I seem to be eating a lot worse too, so maybe the reasons for both of these are connected.

I feel like not just me, but Emily too have definitely excelled in taking up every opportunity for adventure this year. We have done so much, like ziplining (which I was terrified of!), going to pride and going to high points. I have had many adventures with friends too, like me and my best pal Becca went to London twice and I went on walks and things with others.

Looking back on my blog posts, I think I achieved this pretty well. In January I posted 12 times, February 4 times, March 6 times, April 4 times, May once, June 4 times, July twice, August 8 times, September 4 times, October 3 times, November twice and December isnt finished currently, but I predict maybe 27 times. So, there was only really 1 month, May, where I didnt achieve the posting a blog post twice a month goal.

Replying to messages fast is something I have always struggled with and then when there starts to get more and more of them, it becomes slightly overwhelming and I avoid answering them more. But, over the past like 6 months or so, I would say I have improved on answering them a lot quicker.

Saving up was something I have failed on tremendously this year. I tried, I really did, but with having no job, my money was draining day by day. With holidays, trips, birthdays and Christmas, I literally have like none left.

Swearing less was never going to happen, I didnt even know why I thought that was achieveable. If you scare me, I am going to swear. If I hurt myself, I am going to swear. If I am angry, I am going to swear. And thats that.

Honestly, although I have really struggled with getting to sleep this year, I have been making up for it the following morning, so I have usually been getting around 6/7 hours sleep which isnt bad, especially for me!

I have become a professional planner this year. I write lists for everything- everything. Going away? Write a list of what to pack. Messy room? Write a list of what needs tidying away. Jobs to do? Write a list of jobs to tick off. I think having a visual list of things that I need to do really helps me and motivates me.

I have totally and utterly failed on this one. No, I have not got a job. And honestly, I dont think I am going to be able to get one for a few months. All I want is a job and to earn money, have some money of my own and be able to do stuff and live my life. I feel so trapped where I am now but I know that I need to focus on myself first.

There you go, there is an example of me focusing on myself! I have focused on myself a lot this year. I have done what is best for my own wellbeing. I have stopped talking to people who talked to me like rubbish. I have tried to stop bad habbits. I have stood up for myself. I think I am greatly improving at focusing on myself and that makes me so happy.

I admit that this year I have been a rubbish friend, 100%. I have been trying to focus on myself and my health and I have not invested any time into seeing my friends and visiting my family as often as I would have liked. This is something I definitely want to do next year.

I cant actually think of an example of this right now, but I have definitely stood up for myself in a lot of situations this year which I am so proud of myself for because usually, I would just take the rubbish that everyone throws at me and just pretend to be okay with it.

You know what? I never thought I would say this but I really am learning to love myself. There are many things that I would love to change about myself but I have learned that I have to love what I have, it has taken a long time and it comes and goes but I think I have reached it.

So, I think I have done pretty well with my resolutions this year, dont you think?

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