Sunday, 16 December 2018

Blogmas Day 16: Never Have I Ever- Winter Edition

I thought it would be fun to do a winter edition of the game never have I ever. This is where someone says something and you have to say whether you have done it or not. This is a blog adapted version. Enjoy!

Built a snowman: I HAVE
Built an igloo: I HAVE
Gone to a Christmas market: I HAVE
Went snow tubing: I HAVE NEVER
Went snowboarding: I HAVE NEVER
Went skiing: I HAVE NEVER
Went on a ski lift: I HAVE NEVER
Been in a snowball fight: I HAVE
Seen icaicles bigger than a foot: I HAVE
Gone ice fishing: I HAVE NEVER
Gone sledding: I HAVE
Done a winter photoshoot: I HAVE
Boiled snow to drink: I HAVE NEVER
Sang in the snow: I HAVE NEVER
Ate snowflakes: I HAVE
Baked gingerbread cookies: I HAVE NEVER
Gone Christmas tree picking: I HAVE NEVER
Gone Christmas caroling: I HAVE NEVER
Gone last minute Christmas shopping: I HAVE
Made my own DIY gifts for friends / family: I HAVE
Made my own DIY mini Christmas tree to place in my bedroom: I HAVE NEVER
Drank eggnog: I HAVE NEVER
Wrapped my own presents: I HAVE
Made a snow angel: I HAVE
Helped decorate the house: I HAVE
Had those cozy stay-in days and watched a Christmas movie with a cup of hot chocolate in hand: I HAVE
Shoveled for someone in need: I HAVE NEVER
Jumped on someone elses snowman: I HAVE NEVER
Made cookies at Christmas: I HAVE
Been to church on Christmas eve: I HAVE NEVER
Experienced a white Christmas: I HAVE
Had someone else jump on your snowman: I HAVE

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