Saturday, 15 December 2018

Blogmas Day 15: Decorate With Us

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to Christmas decorations, and there are so many out there to buy that I thought it would be fun to show you our Christmas decorations (and it was an excuse for me to take rubbish pictures).

I think that our Dumbo decoration is definitely one of my favourites, who doesnt love Dumbo?

This one is potentially one of my favourite decorations.

Our tree is basically full of baubles from around the world rather than your normal round silver ones, which is actually pretty incredible in itself. There are so many baubles from so many different places and they're all so unique but as you may notice, Disney is a main feature for the majority of the baubles on our tree. The photos below arent even half of the baubles on the tree, there are more disney ones, I promise.

A new one as of this year from Florida!

I absolutely adore all these baubles in the shape of mickey.

 Our tree is majorly populated with Disney baubles as you can tell but that is just how we like it. We are Disney mad really. There you have it, parts of our tree!

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