Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Blogmas Day 12: How To Budget This Christmas

The count down to Christmas is well and truly underway and although Christmas is a time for giving but money isnt everything, you dont have to be worrying about over spending and being left with nothing after Christmas. I have put together a few budgeting tips to help you cut the costs and only spend the minimum amount.
  • Have a budget for everyone- For example, £50 for your mum, £20 for your friend ect. Keep track of what you buy people and the cost so you can see how close to your budget you are and dont go over it!
  • Dont plan for the perfect Christmas- Plan for what you can afford! There is absolutely no point in getting yourself into a bit of debt just because you have to buy someone a present. Keep considering if you can afford it. Like I said before, have a budget for everything: presents, Christmas dinner ect.
  • Ban unnecessary present buying- Christmas is a time for giving but we need to force ourselves to stop feeling obliged to give to absolutely everyone. The ever-widing group of friends dont all need presents, extended family and colleagues too. Just get presents for who you feel necessary.
  • Find free activities to do- Get in your car and drive around your town looking at all of the pretty Christmas lights. It will use fuel but not much. Snuggle up and watch a film with hot chocolate. Make your own cookies and decorate them. Go for a winter walk. 
  • Use discount codes, vouchers and points- It might seem like you are a bargain hunter, but the more you save, the more you can buy with the same money. 
  • Sell unwanted stuff for extra money- Havent used it in months? Sell it. There are so many easy ways to sell stuff now which can get you quick and easy money. You could sell your stuff on Ebay or even on facebook groups which is free and easy. 
  • Christmas cheques- Forget the real cheques, swap them for free Christmas gift cheques. You can find templates online for these. You can give them to anyone and everyone. You pledge to do something nice for someone else on these, like a back massage, mow their lawn or do their laundry. And the best part about it? Its free!
  • Kids arent bothered about the price- Kids really dont care how much something costs, they dont value the gift based on the price, most could have so much fun playing with a card board box. You could buy a bunch of stuff that are cheap and they would still love it.
  • The gift of listening- There are so many people who feel lonely, isolated, depressed and suicidal at Christmas. Mental illness does not go away at Christmas. So this Christmas, why not give the gift of listening? Listening costs nothing and could save a life. Make a change this Christmas. You can make a listening voucher here which you can print off or save and give them or send them to people. 
  • Shop in the sales- Too late for this year now but black friday sales are such a good time to go Christmas shopping because things are much cheaper. Also, if you have to get a present for someone who you are going to see after Christmas rather than before, leave your Christmas shopping for them until after Christmas for the boxing day and january sales.
  • Make a list and stick to it- Make a list of what you want to get people and dont buy anything else to stop unnecessary spending.

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