Monday, 31 December 2018

My 2018

January was a pretty chill month for me, I mainly just saw my pals and went for walks. Becca and Rach came over to see me and Em and we went up to an old castle ruins and took some photos up there which was incredible. I also saw Lis this month, we went to my grandads so she could meet Indy and Baby which was so much fun. I saw my doggos a lot this year so get ready for them to be mentioned in nearly every month! I also went for a few walks with dad which was fun.

My birthday month! This month started off with me attempting to make some of my friends smile with some cards that had messages from me and all their friends in. I saw Kim too and obviously we watched Shrovetide videos, because, well, what else? I did quite a bit of walking with dad this month, we walked up Black Rocks in the snow- yes snow! We also went on a 7 mile walk which was beautiful but tiring! I decided to have a birthday meal this year so I invited all my Lucy Spraggan friends to Cosmo for my birthday which was so much fun, I laughed so much and I loved being surrounded by all my friends. The day after that I went on a mini adventure with Em, Becca and Lauren to Carsington Water and we took some photos and stuff which was nice. And my favourite time of year? Shrovetide. Shrovetide was great, short but great! I went with Em, Kim and Melissa I believe, the best company. We went to a gig this month and I can say I have never felt so out of place in my whole life! We saw Dappy and genuinely it was so strange- but I got to see Katie London again and meet Kay for the first time after being friends for like 3 years so it worked out alright in the end! I went on a road trip to Southport with Em and her family and we took some cute photos and ate good food and just had a good time for Ems mums birthday. Then it was my birthday, it snowed like mad on my birthday but we were determined to go bowling, so we did, then we went to Stepping Stones for food and that is really it for this month. 

March started with a meal with my family and Emily for my birthday, which was incredible like usual. We had no water for a few days in March which was the most annoying thing ever at the time but so funny to think about now. All the shops in my town had completely sold out of bottled water as people had panic brought it, so we had to drive to another town near us which had also nearly sold out of water, we got the last of it from one shop. Obviously I went to my nan and grandads a lot over this past year, I adore my family and animals. I had a blogging job this month, so me and Emily went to Monkey Forest which was followed by a Lucy Spraggan gig in the evening which was genuinely the smallest venue I have ever been in. Me and Mum had such a good meal, just me and her at Dapple Grey, which was something different. My uncle and aunt got married abroad last year so they had a wedding reception in the UK this month. Me and Emily ended up under the tables with the kids, typical. Then it started snowing... again. Possibly one of my favourite memories of this year was going to Cumbria with Em. We had such a lovely few days alone and it was just so lovely. On the way up we had a stop mid way in Beccas home town, so we got to see her for a bit which was awesome as I had never visited her before. We then got to Cumbria and travelled to so many different towns around the area which were genuinely some of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. If it wasnt so cold I would have been in that sea in a flash. We did go swimming in a pool though! We even managed to drive up to scotland for a bit- my first time! And my favourite part from the trip? We put the seats down in Emily's car, sat in the boot and watched the sun set.

It flooded in April which surprisingly was so beautiful. Obviously we went for a look to see where was flooded. Becca once again came to visit me in Ashbourne, imagine having an angel as amazing as her in your life? I also saw Lis again which was fun. I also saw Kim again, so I did well with seeing my friends this month. I basically forced Em to take me up to a high point again and it was incredible. Going to high points with Emily is my favourite thing to do. I just love being with Emily in the outdoors and the view at the top. On the 24th it was a year since Emily first messaged me, so we decided to celebrate it and go out for the day. We went to Alton Towers which was our first trip to a theme park together I am sure, but we had a good day and went on the wickerman ride for the first time. We very spontaneously went to Burton where we met Shayne Ward outside of a charity football match which made Emily very happy!

May was genuinely a life changing month for me. After all these years of suffering, I finally gave in and went to the doctors. We went on a road trip to Colwyn Bay with Emily's family which was fun and we got to have a picnic so what could be better? Me and Em also got to see Rita Ora for the first time with 2 of my fave people, Becca and Rach, it was genuinely one of the best concerts I have been to. One of the hardest days in May started off perfectly. Me and Em were having some amazing alone time, chilling by the river and having a paddle, ended up having a motorbike run into Emilys car with just me in it as Em had parked up and gone into a shop, so it ended pretty rubbishly. Me, Em and Keeley went on a trip to Derby to Pizza Express which was fun and also hilarious. Em ordered a pizza, not realising the pizza would have an enormous hole in the middle of it and instead filled with salad. Me and Em celebrated 1 year together on the 29th which was such a cute afternoon, we went out for food which was surprisingly so nice! Em got me the most beautiful ring too and did me the most amazing memory book which I cant stop looking at.

June was 100% the best month of the year for me. A few months before, I genuinely didnt think that I would see Demi Lovato again after not seeing her for 4 years but this month it changed. It started off with a road trip to Wales to Zipworld which was a blogging job and part of which I had paid for. We also stayed the night in a beautiful hotel which won four in a bed. We did the titan zipline, bounce below and the forest coasters which was so fun. Whilst in Wales we visited a beautiful waterfall that I would love to visit again in the summer months. We also walked on the walls of Conwy Castle and visited Llandudno which was full of dogs and was amazing. We ate tea on a high point with views of the sea and it was just a beautiful trip. Next came one of the best days of my whole life. Demi Lovato in Newmarket. We got there an hour before the gates to the races opened and got barrier! We sat by the barrier all day which went surprisingly fast. Demi came on and it was amazing. I cried a lot, smiled, laughed and enjoyed every second of it- such a dream come true. Next came mine and Becca's trip to London on the coach to see Demi again. We get there and Demi cancelled the show due to illness. So we ended up meeting up with some friends and exploring a bit. We explored London a bit the day after too which was nice. Then was the stress of when the shows would be rescheduled for as I was going on holiday soon after. But luckily, they were scheduled for after I got back. The holiday was awesome. I saw so many fish and became a lot more confident in the sea. I even took a unicorn in with me. Next was the London show again. The journey down to London was awful. The coach was a few hours late which was a terrible start as we might have missed the concert- thankfully we didnt! Then they dropped more bad news on us and said that they didnt have any driving hours left so we were going to have to find another coach from Milton Keynes. Here, a man went absolutely crazy, tried to steal a van, he punched an old man and so much more. We escaped with some newly made friends and got a taxi and train. Finally we got to see Demi in London and it was incredible. This month finished off with mine and Emilys trip to Birmingham. We stopped in Birmingham the night before the concert so we had time to explore and things which was nice. I saw all my friends, saw a few people from Demi's team and even saw Demi go in which was incredible.

We looked after Ems sister while she had hurt her foot so we went shopping and she was in a wheel chair and on crutches. I went on another holiday this month which was nice but we did so much walking! I had never been on a holiday and walked so much until this holiday. It was pretty beautiful though! Me and dad climbed up a massive hill and went up into a castle ruins and the view was so incredible. I got to experience new things here that we wouldnt normally do so that was good, also they had really good ice cream. Em surprised me not once, but twice for my 3 years clean anniversary, which was way too kind of her. Firstly, she surprised me with a trip to one of my favourite places (although there is much less there now, sadly!) which is Peak Wildlife Park and then after that we went to a pod to stay in over night which was so incredible! It was such a new experience and it was so clean and tidy. The day after, we went fruit picking! We found a farm where you could pick so many things and for cheap too. We picked some (or lots) of strawberries and some raspberries which was fun.

This month started off with me and Lis going on an adventure to Carsington Water with our cameras. Both of us are so awkward that someone literally thought we spoke a foreign language, oops... I got to give her a card with all little messages from her pals in that I had worked on too so that was nice! Me and Em also decided to go on a spontaneous trip to Blackpool and spend some time alone together which was so needed. Another one of my favourite memories from this year was Manchester Pride. I got to spend it with the people I love the most, just genuinely having the most amazing time, singing and celebrating love. Finally this month, I discovered a waterfall near by to my house which I didnt even know existed so me and Em decided to go check it out to see what it was like and honestly, it was incredible. There were 4/5 waterfalls along a trail in the most beautiful of places. I would love to visit again in summer.

September was a pretty busy month really! I went out to the boars head twice- once with Em and once with my family and I love it there because I literally just fill my plate with veg. One of my favourite places to stay is surprisingly in a caravan- they're just so cosy and fun! So mum booked a little break to Blackpool which was so fun and I even got to see Becca too. Once again, I saw my doggos. I took (well Em took me but you get the jist, right?) Em to Matlock Illuminations because she has never been before and it is definitely something different as the lights are on boats. Another one of my favourite memories this year has been going to the lodge. It was so nice being in like a mini home type thing with Em and the best part? The hot tub! We spent so much time in the hot tub its unreal. It was so relaxing though, I enjoyed every second of it. On the way back from the lodge we decided to stop in Lincoln as we had only ever driven through, never stopped. It was so beautiful, but my god there was a big hill. I found the photo of me on crutches and it made me laugh so I decided to mention this- conveniently my knee locked literally as we were about to leave, my knee locked so I ended up hopping around Derby in search of new glasses on crutches. Lastly for this month, me and Em decided to go out for pudding so ended up having ice cream.

Florida was one of the most incredible times of this year for me. I absolutely love America but damn, Florida was hot. I had the best time and we got so many photos. I saw Lucy Spraggan again twice this month which was so nice as I got to hear some new songs live and spend time with a bunch of my friends again. I got a blogging job in Stratford-upon-avon booked for this month so me and Em travelled there and honestly I had no idea how beautiful it was. I loved every second of it and I even got Emily in a butterfly farm- winner! Although, on this trip I learned that I had no idea how to eat an artichoke... We ended up going to so many places like Shakespeares birthplace and Anne Hathaways house and we also visited Warwick. Em was going on holiday for Halloween and Bonfire night so we decided to celebrate bonfire night early, light some sparklers and take some photos. I carved some pumpkins also which was fun but very time consuming. I also went for a few walks with dad.

Can you believe I had never had five guys before this month? Admittedly it is expensive but my god it was good- thanks Em! We also went to the most amazing cinema I have ever been to, it had reclining seats! We got tango ice blasts, popcorn and sweets and watched A Star Is Born. I was holding back the tears. Also Em spilt popcorn all over the floor which was a highlight. For Emily's birthday I gave her tickets to go see Anne Marie because she was dying to go. We went, got barrier and it was incredible! We even got to meet her after and she was so, so lovely. In the same week we got to meet Rita Ora too at her Phoenix album signing and she was also so lovely!

This year ended like it started really- pretty chill! It started off with a meal out at Pizza Hut with mum, dad and Keeley, followed by yet another Cosmo trip, this time for Keeleys birthday. I made my first wreath this month and surprisingly it turned out great! I was super chuffed with it. Can you believe that me and Em have been together a year and a half and went ice skating for the first time together this month?! Evidence below! We also got a tree and decorated it together, spent Christmas Eve together, took a trip to Blackpool to see Courtney, then to Garstang to see Becca, Rach, Chloe and Jord and I had such a great time.

Happy New Year!

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