Wednesday, 10 October 2018

The Benefits Of Being Shy

Before I start, I just wanted to mention that this post is sponsored by Elysia Allsopp at who creates the most beautiful pieces of art and takes incredible photographs. Also an introvert, she has a mindful series of art that I recommend you check out! More information will be at the end of the post so be sure to check it out! Now on to the post.

Everyday shyness that does not prevent you from achieving your goals or participating in life can have its benefits. You may be thinking, how could there possibly be a benefit to being shy and reserved? But trust me, once you read this you will soon realise that there are infact a few benefits to being shy.

One main benefits of being shy is that you generally have deeper and long-lasting friendships due to being more reserved and finding it harder to talk to more people and make friends. We shine in small circles. Since making friends is not easy, you place more value on the friends that you have and your tendency to avoid small talk means that your friendships are not likely to be superficial. You have less friends but more best friends who you are extremely comfortable being with and around and you are able to open up to them.

We all know people who have more drama in their lives than Eastenders, right? Well, being shy, you dont have to worry about drama as much. Less friends means less drama. But if you're forced to be surrounded by people you are not comfortable with, you get to hear all of the gossip because you're quiet. People tend to gossip with you around as if you're not there so you get to know the ins and outs of other peoples lives.

Being shy, you may not be a good talker but you sure are a good listener. Since you are not the first to tell everyone's secrets or brag about your accomplishments, to others you appear more trustworthy. You may appear as though you have nothing to say but the fact of the matter is that there are hundreds of words wanting to come out but it just takes some time for the best ones to come out. Just because I dont always have something to say, it doesnt mean I dont care. I care a great deal.

We all spend years trying to get to know ourselves fully, but being shy enables you to get to know yourself really well and much faster. You spend so much time in your own company that you know the real you, your moods, situations you work well in, your limit and your likes and dislikes.

It seems as though shy people are more creative than the outgoing and loud people. Finding other ways to express yourself through creativity without words is often helpful for the shy people in this world. Reading, drawing, writing and so many more different creative activities are what shy people thrive in, but outgoing people too!

You are the one who spends the most time with yourself, but who else knows the real you? Being shy means that you might not show your true self to just anybody. Only people you know very well and who you trust know the real you.

See, I told you there was a few benefits of being shy! But being shy, the one thing you always wish for? More confidence.

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