Saturday, 22 September 2018

We Went To Matlock!

With Emily not being from around where I am, she had never heard of Matlock Illuminations, let alone been to them. So when we found out that it was Matlock Illuminations, we had to go.

Matlock Bath always reminds me of a little sea-side type town with its arcades, candy floss and slushies, boat rides, ice cream shops and most importantly, fish and chip shops. Getting fish and chips when in Matlock bath is a must. And at Matlock Illuminations? I have heard that its a new rule that if you go to Matlock illuminations that you have to get fish and chips.

I recently made an incredible discovery in Matlock Bath. An unvisited gem for myself. Tucker's fish and chip shop. One word: amazing.

The staff are friendly, exceptionally helpful and very polite. The owner is so lovely and nice to talk to.

The overall look and layout of the shop is great. I love the green/blue theme and all the art work around on the walls. There are many tables/booths (however it is a very popular place so many of the tables are often full!) inside and outside. The tables are spacious and tidy. They even

The shop as a whole is immactulate which you generally wouldnt expect from a fish and chip shop. We couldnt fault it what so ever.

And the food? The food was on another level. I genuinely dont think that I have ever been to a nicer chip shop, seriously. It was the nicest fish I have ever had and some of the greatest chips that I have ever had. They were not greasy as you would expect from the typical fish and chip shop, which I think is what makes Tuckers stand out above any other fish and chip shop.

Also the drinks come in a fancy plastic cup and the food comes on top of some 'newspaper' which I think are just 2 things which makes Tuckers unique and my favourite.

It is safe to say Tuckers fish and chip shop in Matlock Bath definitely exceeded our already high expectations and we will most definitely be visiting again in the near future. 

The delicious fish and chips were followed by a walk by the river, a slushie, sweets and the illuminations.

THE nicest sweets.

The fireworks following the illuminations just topped the already perfect night off. 


How can you find Tuckers fish and chip shop?
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  1. I absolutely love the look of your blog. It made me feel happy before I even read anything.