Friday, 28 September 2018

The Willerby Arc Lodge, Tattershall Lakes Country Park, Lincolnshire

The Willerby Arc Lodge is a beautifully furnished, large lodge at Tattershall Lakes, Lincolnshire. It is the only lodge of its kind on Tattershall Lakes which sleeps 2-7 people! Situated around a small lake, the lodge offers scenic views from the comfort of a sofa, bed or even better? A hot tub.

Outside of the lodge

 What’s included in the lodge you ask?
The essentials:
Crockery, cutlery, glasses and utensils
Microwave, kettle and toaster
Cooker and oven
Fridge with freezer compartment
Pillows and linen included
Beds made on arrival
Bathroom and en-Suite

Beautifully set table

And the awesome bits…
Private hot tub
King size bed with posh fogarty duvets and bounce back pillows
His and her basins and a double shower
Welcome pack
Park information pack
60” TV with Freeview & DVD Player
Sound bar with Bluetooth
Decking OR patio and outdoor furniture
TV’s in all bedrooms
Complimentary toiletries and towels included
Guaranteed allocated parking
Heated and double glazing
Check in from 3pm 

Complimentary shampoo, conditioner and shower gel

The owners of the lodge are very friendly and do everything to make your stay incredible. The personal touches that they do to the lodge for your arrival just tops off the experience. Snacks, names on labels, a letter in a photo frame and so much more, it just makes it so much more special.

Bath robe, slippers and gifts

Check the fridge... Prosecco!

Just one of the special touches left for us

The lodge is just about ready for you to move into! The beds are made so there is no need to bring bed linen, the table is set and the hot tub is warm- all that is left is to unpack your clothes and chill! You can start your break straight away!

Ready made bed so no fuss!
Large kitchen so you can feel at home

The lodge is not only beautiful but exceptionally clean too. There wasnt a speck of dust or rubbish in sight. Everything was arranged beautifully and nothing seemed out of place. I loved the colour themes which greatly suited the lodge and its surroundings.

Sweet cushion and colour themed sofa

Large indoor seating area for many people

 Not only is there all of this in the lodge itself but there is a large amount of activities to do in the actual park too. There are jet ski's, water ski's, a swimming pool, a playground, an inflatable course on the water, a splash pad, mini golf, bikes and so much more for all ages.

Inflatable course and fun on the lake

The lodge is in the perfect area but if you're looking for a day out, there are plenty of places to visit within an hour or so from the lodge. Lincoln is a beautiful city within an hour away where you can shop, go on a boat trip, take photographs or a range of other things. Grantham is also less than an hour away which is also worth a visit.

A beautiful canal in Lincoln

And my favourite part about the whole break? The hot tub. A hot tub is such a luxurious touch to the break. It offers such a relaxing time whilst still spending time with others. 

Why do feet and hands look so strange under water?

Enjoying the hot tub

Making memories

So, if you're interested in booking this lodge/enquiring about prices, where can you find this lodge? Find out below!
Watch my video of the 2 days to see the full lodge and what else we got up to 
Call 07738 215372

Saturday, 22 September 2018

We Went To Matlock!

With Emily not being from around where I am, she had never heard of Matlock Illuminations, let alone been to them. So when we found out that it was Matlock Illuminations, we had to go.

Matlock Bath always reminds me of a little sea-side type town with its arcades, candy floss and slushies, boat rides, ice cream shops and most importantly, fish and chip shops. Getting fish and chips when in Matlock bath is a must. And at Matlock Illuminations? I have heard that its a new rule that if you go to Matlock illuminations that you have to get fish and chips.

I recently made an incredible discovery in Matlock Bath. An unvisited gem for myself. Tucker's fish and chip shop. One word: amazing.

The staff are friendly, exceptionally helpful and very polite. The owner is so lovely and nice to talk to.

The overall look and layout of the shop is great. I love the green/blue theme and all the art work around on the walls. There are many tables/booths (however it is a very popular place so many of the tables are often full!) inside and outside. The tables are spacious and tidy. They even

The shop as a whole is immactulate which you generally wouldnt expect from a fish and chip shop. We couldnt fault it what so ever.

And the food? The food was on another level. I genuinely dont think that I have ever been to a nicer chip shop, seriously. It was the nicest fish I have ever had and some of the greatest chips that I have ever had. They were not greasy as you would expect from the typical fish and chip shop, which I think is what makes Tuckers stand out above any other fish and chip shop.

Also the drinks come in a fancy plastic cup and the food comes on top of some 'newspaper' which I think are just 2 things which makes Tuckers unique and my favourite.

It is safe to say Tuckers fish and chip shop in Matlock Bath definitely exceeded our already high expectations and we will most definitely be visiting again in the near future. 

The delicious fish and chips were followed by a walk by the river, a slushie, sweets and the illuminations.

THE nicest sweets.

The fireworks following the illuminations just topped the already perfect night off. 


How can you find Tuckers fish and chip shop?
01629 57306

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Getting Help In A Non-Crisis Situation

A mental health crisis often means that you no longer feel able to cope or be in control of your situation. You may feel great emotional distress or anxiety, or you can’t cope with day-to-day life or work, think about suicide or self harm. I am sure we would all know what to do in this situation, or ways to help someone else in this situation. But not many people know what to do in a non crisis situation for many different reasons. Many people just wouldnt know where to turn first, or just wouldnt even bother as they dont think it is serious. You are worth the care and your mental health matters!

There are surprisingly a few people you can turn to for help in a non crisis situation. One being your GP. For many of us, a GP is the first place we go to when we are physically ill but would not dream of going for our mental health, but they're there to help. It may not be a quick process but if you go, at least you're doing something. Your doctor might be able to diagnose you, offer you help/support/treatment like counselling or therapy, offer you medication, or refer you to a mental health specialist. Just remember, it is okay to be scared, it is normal. If you go, it will change your life.

Another place to go is a trained therapist or counsellor. Although you usually have to get referred to one of these by a doctor, there are some where you can contact them directly, you just may have to do a bit of searching.

There are many charities and organisations worldwide that offer support for people struggling with their mental health. This includes helplines and listening services, other services such as peer supporttalking therapiesadvocacycrisis care, employment and housing support. One example of this is Samaritans. You can call or email samaritans and they are so helpful.

And the people who care the most? Friends, family and neighbours. They may sometimes not appear to care but sometimes the signs are not obvious. Reach out, it may be the best decision you make. They can offer advice, support and my favourite, hugs. They can also offer encouragement, come to appointments with you, help you with every day tasks, help you find out information and discuss your options with you. They are definitely people to talk to! Even if you talk to a GP as well.

Peer support can also be very useful. You normally find that you are not alone in these feelings, talking to your peers will make you open up and share experiences and usually, others will feel the same too.

In education and work they usually have specific places you can go to if you enquire about it. For example, higher education institutions usually have a student wellbeing centre where enrolled students can go for support. And some workplaces offer free access to support services such as talking therapies. This is called an Employee Assistance Programme.

These are just a few options, if you need help, please reach out for help. Remember, you are stronger than you think.