Saturday, 11 August 2018

LGBTQ+ In The Music Industry: An Interview With Gabz

Hi Gabz, welcome to my blog! I hope you're doing okay and living life to the fullest right now. For anyone who doesnt recognise your name, where will people most likely know you from?
Hey! People might recognise me from Britain’s Got Talent where I got to the final in 2013!

As you know, we all absolutely adored you on Britains Got Talent but I want to know, what was the whole Britains Got Talent experience like?
Thank you! It was honestly such an amazing experience, I hadn’t done anything like that before so I wasn’t expecting to get far at all so it was pretty crazy! It’s also opened so many doors for me as a performer!
What pushed you to go on Britains Got Talent?
It was just a spur of the moment idea I had when watching the advert on TV! I had never wanted to apply before because it looked terrifying but that day I decided I wanted to try.

Was there any pressure hidden from the public that you felt whilst on the show?
No, I actually had so much support whilst on the show and although I was initially really nervous it boosted my confidence and I was really comfortable!

Can you describe to me what your sexual orientation and for how long have you known you were this?
I identify as gay and I’ve known deep down for a long time but didn’t really come to terms with it until around 17.

Have you personally been discriminated against for your sexual orientation or gender identity?
Luckily I haven’t! I know it happens a lot which is super upsetting but I really feel that things are changing and I’ve only had love and support.

What does the word “discrimination” mean to you?
I think discrimination to me is getting treated differently because of something that is out of your control.

Can you briefly describe some of the gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender people who are important to you in your life? 
I have quite a few LGBTQ+ friends which is really cool and definitely seeing them coming out and being themselves encouraged me to as well. Also I’m a huge fan of artists like Hayley Kiyoko, Kehlani, Lucy Spraggan and Lauren Jauregui who all helped me to realise that there is a huge community who will support me as a person and as an artist! Also YouTubers like Alexis G Zall, Amy Ordman, Shannon Beveridge and Rose & Rosie are super important as I watched a lot of coming out videos before really accepting who I am! As you can tell I’m a huge fangirl haha.

Do you think that there is lack of representation for LGBTQ+ members in the music industry? Why?
I definitely think it is getting better 20GAYTEEN has really been amazing so far! There are definitely a lot more artists who have come out and are making authentic music with same sex pronouns etc. There’s still a long way to go I think as representation is so important when you’re growing up as a queer person.

Is there any LGBTQ+ artist in the music industry that you look up to/admire a lot?
At the moment I really think Hayley Kiyoko is killing it! She’s started a whole movement and she’s very open and forward about her sexuality and being authentic! I’d love to work with her one day!

Hayley Kiyoko Pictured
Finally, where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Hopefully I’ll be doing huge stadium tours and be a household name haha! Most importantly I want to be happy and healthy. 

Thank you for your time and answering the questions Gabz! All the best. 
Thank you!!

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