Friday, 3 August 2018

Dear Demi Lovato- An Open Letter

Dear Demi Lovato,

Firstly, I want to start off by saying that we, your lovatics are 100% not let down by you. You will never let us down. Every day that you are breathing, you make us proud. You have no reason to be embarrassed, relapse is a part of recovery, it is a shitty part but it is part of recovery nonetheless.

This just is a bump in the road, we've been down this road before. You have survived up to now, you can do it again- you keep surviving for a reason, you have a purpose, a reason and you are worthy of life, recovery and happiness.

Dont let the negativity steer you away from the end goal: recovery. The negative opinions do not matter. You are who you are and we, your lovatics, adore you in every single way. Focus on your friends, family and lovatics. Remove the negative, toxic people from your life and learn to be independent once more. You are powerful, you are brave and you are who you are meant to be, if they do not like that and try to steer you in directions that are not right for you, get rid of them. No friend is worth risking your happiness for.

You of all people deserve happiness. You have been to hell and back and still, your main focus is helping people.

We have seen you grow and flourish over the years, seeing your confidence sky rocket and your passion to help people get bigger and bigger. You have saved millions of lives across this whole world, including mine. You make us feel so safe and as if we are not alone. Your lyrics speak pure honesty and we cannot thank you enough for that. You remind us that its okay not to be okay and that we are worth recovery. You saved us, let us save you.

As a result, you're a hero to millions- not just for your music, or your acting roles but for your advocacy too. You stand up for LGBTQ+ rights, you raise awareness for mental health, you normalise subjects that are unspoken of, and we cannot thank you enough for that.

You are only human and we, your lovatics, understand that. Humans make mistakes.

But for now... its time to save Demi. Go, work on yourself, better yourself and look after yourself. Make the most of today. You are worth recovery.

We know you can do this, we all believe in you.

Ebony xo


  1. I really hope Demi gets through this. She's such a sweetheart :)

    1. dont we all! she definitely is. saved me so many times