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ARC Adventure

What is ARC Adventure?
ARC is a collaboration of enthusiastic individuals that all have the same passion in life, Adventure. Passionate about travel, they say that experience is what moulds an individual into what they are and say that it is important to get what you strive for. It doesnt matter where or when, land or under water, experience is the only thing that matters to these incredible individuals. 

We all know there is pure joy captured within travelling. Travelling helps you to embrace, learn about and appreciate different cultures and ways of life and adapt to a vast range of situations.

Whether it is a sense of achievement that you want to fulfill or a rush of adrenaline you want to achieve, these guys can help you. Their passion for travelling and helping people to travel is so evident when they talk to you. They go out of their way to find you an experience that will suit you and motivate you. They take the time to learn a bit about you, followed by them suggesting and matching ideas based around you as an individual and the experiences you want. They can help you decide which experiences are going to have the greatest impact on you and your life. 

Whatever you're specifically looking for, these guys can help. Friendships, memories, life changing moments. They can help. Take the opportunity and contact them today for help with your next adventures. They have had an incredible time whilst travelling and they want to help others to experience that happiness and have the memories to last a life time.

Sri Lanka this way!

So why ARC Adventure you ask?
ARC Adventure have 4 main flourishing points which stand way over the others:

1. They are 100% financially protected. You can trust that your money is always safe with them. 

2. They are incredibly passionate about what they do. You can see that they have a pure passion for what they do upon your first conversation. So you can trust that you are always getting the best service with them. 

3. They are super environmentally aware, a good ethos. They promote sustainable travel to have the smallest possible impact on the world. 

4. They are charitable people as well as all of this. You buy from them and they give back. They support charities in the locations of the tours that they sell as a way of giving back to the local economy, incredible, eh?

Sketching with an instrument, Sri Lanka
Redefining the unique tour
ARC Adventure make it easy for people to experience a whole range of tailor made tours, relating to you and your interests for a bespoke package that you will never forget. Having the ability to adjust your tour is the best freedom you can have whilst travelling and it is important to ensure that you are doing what you want to do at every moment of your travelling. With ARC Adventure, you can have private tours which provide the flexibility that can enhance your time travelling in ways that scheduled tours will not.

There are many different tours on offer from ARC Adventure, in many different locations across the globe, including places like: Sri Lanka, South America and Thailand. There are tours to suit everyone with varying interests. Conservation tours, Sri Lanka, Africa and scuba diving are among the most popular tours from ARC Adventure, but there are many more, including tribal tours, coffee tours, tea tours, school tours, surfing and so much more. To find out more, contact them direct!

As previously mentioned, ARC Adventure are out to help as many people as they can, whether it is helping people reach their dreams of travelling or helping out small independent companies. For small independent companies they aim to help add more value to their customers through the tours that they do. 

Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

Daniel and Kriss history
When you book through a big company, you are just adding to their numbers, to put it straight, you are just a number at the bottom line and their focus is money. You don't get to know the ethos of the company or the people behind it. With ARC Adventure, its not like this. The history of ARC Adventure comes out through what they do, they are always creating the tours for you, they care and they take it personal. They care about you. They care about your experience. They care about others. And they care about the environment. 

What can I say about Kriss? He is one of the only people I have met who cares as much as me about the environment. This passion comes across in all that he does in work and in his personal life. We met at university and soon became close friends, this friendship stood the test of time when we both went off travelling the world in different directions. He proceeded to travel through South America, building his diving experience and his knowledge base for environmental conservation ending up in Thailand building coral reef structures and teaching divers to protect the underwater environment. He brings this out not just in his work but also with the projects and the ethos of our brand. He is of great value not just within the company but also as a great friend. And I hope you all get that chance to know him as I do. 
    Written by DJ.

Kriss, diving.
DJ has a passion for protecting the environment and is always thinking of unique ways to help and change the way the environment is impacted. This shared ethos is what brought myself and DJ together to form ARC. Dedication and determination is key when dealing with such a delicate area and encouraging others to do so. DJ went to Madagascar, Thailand and South America working on marine protection projects during the same time I was dedicated to the same aspects in South America. Little was known at the time that we were both on such a similar path. It only made sense to team up and put our passion together and DJ both in his personal life and business has taken every step to protect the vulnerable environments that around us. Both starting as such great friends, forming this partnership has also formed a strong bond which we both put our hearts into making a positive difference. This has become our ethos and brand and when you meet DJ you will see instantly his care and desire to help the marine ecosystem and reverse some of the damage done.  
     Written by Kriss.

DJ, diving.

Kriss talks about what the heart and core of ARC Adventure is about. Showing you first hand the passion the company has.

Contact ARC Adventure direct here:
Phone: 01531 800388
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