Saturday, 31 March 2018

Ways To Try To Alleviate Depression

Depression is one of the most commonly known mental illnesses out there, and with an estimated 350 million people worldwide who suffer from it, it is shocking that there is still a stigma around it, and that people cannot talk openly about it, making some people resilient to asking for help. Medication have shown beneficial to some, but there are some small things you can do to try and easy depressions hardships.

Sleeping the days away will only make you feel much worse. Try not to sleep too often- if you can, wake up bright and early, get dressed and keep yourself busy throughout the day. Going to sleep every night at the same time and waking up every morning at the same time is something achievable to aim for too, it may be difficult but it will get easier the more you try.

Being kind to yourself is so important! Look after yourself, do things that you love. Practice self care, which can literally be anything- brush your teeth, put on some perfume, eat a meal or even reading.

Put yourself into a calm, relaxing environment so you do not have additional stress and worries to think about. You could light a candle for soft scents, run yourself a bubble bath, have a shower with calming music playing or just have a lie down on the sofa and a read.

Finding activities that help you to unwind are a definite must, things that calm your mind. Once you know a few of these and they are accessable to you, you can practice them when you feel stressed or depressed. Listening to music or reading are definitely a good example or even just having 15 minutes to sit and unwind.

Eating a load of rubbish all the time definitely makes you feel worse in every way. Eating well will not only help the way that you feel, but it will help your thought patterns too. You will feel more energised as quality food is vital for your mind and body to function properly.

Practice self love and self acceptance! Know who you are and what you're worth- dont let anyone treat you any less than this. Do not let others define you or let their opinions change you, you are you- accept yourself.

Setting yourself some goals can be really beneficial when you are super down, for example, a check list of what you want to do tomorrow, or even a list of things you want to achieve in a year. Having something to work towards is good as if you start to feel lost, you can refer back to your goals and you will have something to focus on.

Getting out the house is always a good way to try to lift your spirits, seeing beautiful places is always so great.

I know that many of depressions symptoms stop you from doing many of these but I challenge you to push yourself, harder than you ever have before, try some of these- it will be hard but worth it.

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