Saturday, 31 March 2018

Ways To Try To Alleviate Depression

Depression is one of the most commonly known mental illnesses out there, and with an estimated 350 million people worldwide who suffer from it, it is shocking that there is still a stigma around it, and that people cannot talk openly about it, making some people resilient to asking for help. Medication have shown beneficial to some, but there are some small things you can do to try and easy depressions hardships.

Sleeping the days away will only make you feel much worse. Try not to sleep too often- if you can, wake up bright and early, get dressed and keep yourself busy throughout the day. Going to sleep every night at the same time and waking up every morning at the same time is something achievable to aim for too, it may be difficult but it will get easier the more you try.

Being kind to yourself is so important! Look after yourself, do things that you love. Practice self care, which can literally be anything- brush your teeth, put on some perfume, eat a meal or even reading.

Put yourself into a calm, relaxing environment so you do not have additional stress and worries to think about. You could light a candle for soft scents, run yourself a bubble bath, have a shower with calming music playing or just have a lie down on the sofa and a read.

Finding activities that help you to unwind are a definite must, things that calm your mind. Once you know a few of these and they are accessable to you, you can practice them when you feel stressed or depressed. Listening to music or reading are definitely a good example or even just having 15 minutes to sit and unwind.

Eating a load of rubbish all the time definitely makes you feel worse in every way. Eating well will not only help the way that you feel, but it will help your thought patterns too. You will feel more energised as quality food is vital for your mind and body to function properly.

Practice self love and self acceptance! Know who you are and what you're worth- dont let anyone treat you any less than this. Do not let others define you or let their opinions change you, you are you- accept yourself.

Setting yourself some goals can be really beneficial when you are super down, for example, a check list of what you want to do tomorrow, or even a list of things you want to achieve in a year. Having something to work towards is good as if you start to feel lost, you can refer back to your goals and you will have something to focus on.

Getting out the house is always a good way to try to lift your spirits, seeing beautiful places is always so great.

I know that many of depressions symptoms stop you from doing many of these but I challenge you to push yourself, harder than you ever have before, try some of these- it will be hard but worth it.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

A Celebrity, In My Room?

Have you ever wanted to meet your favourite celebrity but never had the chance to? Now is your chance to come closer than ever to them, thanks to Celebrity Cutouts!

And with the discount code *lighthouse10* you can get yourself a 10% discount on ANY product on the Celebrity Cutouts website (excludes the personalised ones!)

Celebrity Cutouts is a successful company which runs online, based in Nottinghamshire. They ship internationally to many countries including most European countries, Canada, the United States and more! They even offer next day delivery to all UK customers so if you're a last minute kind of person, this is not a problem! If your order is done before 1PM it is usually shipped the same day. Personalised can be a quick turn around too as long as there are no issues with the order/cut out you want. If there are issues you will get an email stating why.

They offer many products including: life size cut outs, mini cut outs and masks. There are many, many different celebrities to choose from too, like singers, comedians, internet stars, models, royals, politicians, soap stars and sports stars. The choice is yours.

The celebrity cut out heights are those of the celebrities own height (no more than 183cm though) and the width is no more than 70cm, which also applies to the personalised cut outs too. The mini cut outs are 60cm x 21cm.

Fancy a personalised one instead? They offer a great range of personalised items including a one person life size cut out, a two people life size cut out, a one person mini cut out, a two people mini cut out, masks, bigheads, a micro pet cut out, a small pet cut out and a big pet cut out. So, love your pet so much you want them on your desk everyday? Yes? Me too. Also, the personalised cut outs can be made to your specific height! Get one from the link below!

Dont forget, with the discount code *lighthouse10* you can get yourself a 10% discount on ANY product on the Celebrity Cutouts website (excludes the personalised ones!)

If you need anymore help you can email who will email you back quickly with helpful information.

Check their websites/social media accounts out!
For all celebrity cut outs:
For all personalised cut outs:
Celebrity Cutouts Twitter
Celebrity Cutouts Facebook
Celebrity Cutouts Instagram

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

So Shape

What is So Shape?
So Shape is a smart food company based in France, who spent 2 years transforming sugary and fatty foods that many of us love, into 'smart food' products that are good for us. They have 0 sugar and 0 bad fat. They are enriched in protein, high in fibre and without some allergens.

Why is So Shape so great?
1. it improves your overall health- its not just about losing weight, it gives you all the nutrients you need and gets your energy levels up.
2. it respects your body- they are low calorie not hyper proteinated, which can be disasterous for your metabolism and your overall health.
3. you become lean- when the body is restricted, it will tap into muscles for energy. So Shape enables you to keep your muscle whilst still targeting your body to lose fat.
4. the challenge provides the body with all of the nutrients it needs, after the challenge you'll still have to eat carefully though, obviously!

How does it work?
- One smart meal in the morning:

You can start your day with one of the So Shape shakes or frappes, which are not only filling but nutritious too! You can make them with ease as all you have to do is add water to the product, shake it in your So Shape cup and there you have it, breakfast in no time. You can have these cold or hot, all you have to do is put it in the microwave to enjoy it hot!

- One open lunch:

Lunch is your choice as long as its reasonable and nutritious. If you are stuck for ideas for a healthy lunch, you can check out the So Shape instagram or facebook page where you will find numerous healthy meals/recipes which you can try to make for yourself. (All links will be at the bottom of this post!)

- One smart meal in the evening:

They have the best meals without the calories- normal meals too! Choose one evening meal out of their selection of smart soups, pastas and risotto, and the best part about it, is that it is so quick and so easy! All you have to do is add water and put it in the microwave.

What is the key to So Shape's success you ask? Simplicity.
During your time on So Shape, you will have just 1 rule to follow: replace your diet with 2 smart meals a day along with a healthy, low calorie lunch.

So Shape do a big variety of products for example, shakes, soups, pastas and frappes. These come in many flavours for everyone to enjoy.

The frappes come in 2 flavours: mint chocolate chip and raspberry.

Some milkshake flavours include: chocolate, cookies and cream, sea salt caramel, strawberry tart, vanilla and white chocolate, and so many more. 

The hot meals include: pesto pasta, mushroom risotto, pasta spicy bolognese, cheese pasta and indian curry pasta.

Soups are always great on cold or hot days, the soups to choose from are french garden soup or tomato.

So Shape offer 3 different challenges, at 3 different prices, for 3 different amount of days.

Reboot: 5 days - £35 or £3.50 per meal.

Remove: 14 days - £89 or £2.96 per meal.

Reborn: 28 days - £159 or £2.69 per meal.

Where can you find them?
So Shape Website

So Shape Instagram

So Shape Results Instagram

So Shape Facebook

Friday, 16 March 2018

15 Things You Probably Didnt Need To Know About Me

1. I play with my hair way too often.

2. I dont like the middle of the cucumber, I have to take it out to eat it.

3. I really hate talking on the phone.

4. I love fun socks.

5. My jaw clicks a lot and it hurts.

6. I am allergic to penicillin, it gives me rashes everywhere.

7. I love cider a little too much.

8. I speak sarcasm.

9. I hate feet.

10. If I have eggs, the yolk has to be hard- I dont like runny eggs.

11. I have an unhealthy obsession with chinese food.

12. Cute washi tape makes me happy.

13. I can handle a pretty decent amount of spice.

14. I love Fanta and Tango way too much.

15. I hate exercise and walking but I absolutely love exploring new places and visiting high points ect.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Lucy Jones's Single, Too Good- Out Now!

Lucy Jones is a 19 year old, curly locked songstress from West Wales. Since picking up her first guitar aged nine Lucy's love for music, melody, lyrics and performance has grown and developed to such a level, which in turn has led to extensive playing live all over the UK whilst honing her craft as a songwriter. Described as having "a distinctive vocal style that draws you in and holds you with song writing skills that are far more mature than any 19 year old has the right to be". Silky rich vocals with a raw and emotional intensity - Call it Tracy Chapman - meets - Amy Winehouse. 2018 is set to be an exciting year for Lucy with the release of her debut single 'Too Good' on March 9th.

This upbeat sounding song is truly a delight to the ears, with her soft sounding voice its a pleasure to hear.

I asked a few people for a sentence or 2 about it, here is what I got:

'It’s damn good.'

'I’ve been following Lucy’s journey for a while now and she absolutely nails it every time! It’s clear to see how much work she’s put into this single and it really shows! Really looking forward to following her journey as a very talented singer/songwriter.'

'Lyrically stunning.' 

'Such a beautiful song, I like it!' 

I asked Lucy a few questions, which she answered below:
What has been the highlight of your music career so far? 

Highlight of my career. I think it'd have to be releasing my debut single 'Too Good'. I've been writing songs no stop for the past four years, so to be releasing one of the many, make for such an exciting day for me. I also got to work with so many incredible people on the song, which i'm so grateful for. I wrote the song with an artist called Matt Wills, who stumbled upon one of my covers of his song around a year ago. We got together and wrote a few songs and one of them is 'Too Good'. It was partly written at home in Wales and then partly written in his lounge in London. I had this idea that i had been back and fourth with for awhile that i just couldn't manage to finish, i had so many ideas for it narrowing it down was difficult. Matt really understood my vision for the song and tag teamed it perfectly to make it what you hear today. Ash who mixed the songs done work for Ellie Goulding, Hudson Taylor and Skrillex to name a few so it was so special to work with him. Another highlight for me was last year supporting Lucy Spraggan as part of her tour. It was so great because the crowd was just so up for it and supportive of me and my songs - which is the most incredible feeling. I was buzzing for days after. 

Where did the inspiration for the single come from? 
For me the song is a bit of a female empowerment song. Knowing your worth, understanding what's good and bad for you and knowing when to walk away from something. More often than not in life you don't know what you've got till its gone and in some relationships be it with a partner or friends it's difficult to find yourselves being on the same page and both putting in as much effort as the other. One sided relationships are the worst! 

Is the single about anyone?
Yeah for me it's more of a generalization of how in life and in one of my past relationships that if someone isn't going to treat you with the respect, love and loyalty that you give them then naturally you're gonna move on to better things and find someone who will treat you how you deserve to be treated. Sometime in relationships it's better to call in quits before things go on any further to avoid the continuation of hurt and disappointment, remembering the good times and how much you once loved or could of loved that person whilst going your separate ways and moving on up. 

How long were you working on the single for? 
So the single was written back in October 2017 and since then it's just been a case of pulling all of the aspects of the song together. Getting the production perfect and finding the right mix for the vibe I envisioned for the song. It took a little while but was so worth it, i'm so happy with how it has turned out. Getting artwork done was another aspect to it which i feel really represents the core meaning of the song. A flower blossoming - growing, maturing and moving on. Big up's my old Art teacher Ms B for doing it! 

How did you decide on the name of the song? 
That again was super clear when writing the song, it just seemed to be a very fitting for the title and the meaning of it. Explains and sums it really well i think. 

When are you planning on releasing more music in the future? 
Over the next few months for sure. This first release is really just the beginning for what i hope to be the start of my journey releasing music. I have a big back log of songs that i've written over the last few years. So, it's just a case of narrowing them down and putting them out. I have a fair idea of my next few releases. Ultimately i'm working towards releasing an EP over the coming months, but were a little way off that yet.

You can find Lucy Jones here:

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Trentham Monkey Forest

Recently, I got to visit one of my most favourite places again: Trentham Monkey Forest. I have always loved animals, especially getting up close and personal with the more unusual animals, like monkeys- so its no surprise that I love Trentham Monkey Forest so much.

Trentham Monkey Forest is located in a beautiful woodland in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, where it is home to 140 free roaming monkeys, where you can walk amongst the roaming, endangered, Barbary Maraques on the visitor pathway which is 3/4 of a mile long.

Most visitors spend a few hours within the monkey enclosure and all are free to re-enter as many times as they wish during their trip. There are multiple information boards along the visitor path for the inquisitive visitors. Knowledgeable guides are situated throughout the forest to help answer any questions you may have during your trip and to ensure the park rules are followed. There are guide talks/feeds where you can watch the monkeys feed and ask questions to the guides about the monkeys if you wish to do so. The talks are hourly and are usually at around quarter past each hour and are most definitely a must watch.

I would definitely take your time to walk around the forest, stop to take pictures and take in the monkeys fascinating behaviour – they’re extremely entertaining to watch, especially when they have young!

After you’ve visited the monkeys there is an on-site information centre, video room, and 2 play areas to help keep kids entertained, as well as the Banana Cafe, Jungle Shop and picnic area.

Trentham Monkey Forest can also be teamed with the other attractions on The Trentham Estate for the perfect full day out if you are looking for this, such as Trentham Gardens, Trentham Shopping village or Aerial Extreme, for not a lot more.

So where did it all begin at Trentham Monkey Forest? 
This unique idea first started back in 1969 when their first park was opened in France. Due to the success of the park a second park was opened in Rocamadour, also in France. Later a third park opened in Germany in 1976.

In 2004 two groups of Barbary macaques from the existing parks were re-homed there, in Trentham, and the park opened to the public in July 2005.

Very sadly, Barbary macaques are listed as endangered by the IUCN Red List due to loss of habitat and the illegal pet trade.

Trentham Monkey Forest aims to provide visitors with a unique, interesting and educational experience, whilst raising awareness and informing the visiters of the involvement in conservation of the endangered wild Barbary macaques, and the research they do to help protect them.

Over 600 Barbary macaques (from their three sister parks) have already been successfully re-introduced into their natural habitat in the Atlas Mountain in Morocco, this is the long term goal for their parks, which is incredible.

Tickets are a reasonable price for such a wonderful day out! Prices are as follows:

Adults: £8.50 each
Concessions: £8.00 each
Children (aged 3 to 14): £6.50 each
Disabled/carers: £5.50 each
Under 3 years old: Free of charge

To plan your visit, check out their website or their facebook
There is absolutely no need to book in advance, unless you are an education group that requires an educator.
Tickets can be purchased on arrival at the ticket kiosk. If you are still unsure, call them on: 01782 659 845.