Tuesday, 6 February 2018

My Favourite Local Spot

I have only recently began to visit this breath taking spot a lot and I feel like I have missed out on many adventures.

Black Rocks is a weathered outcrop of Ashover grit which can be reached by a short, but steep climb, from the car park.

The climb up onto the gritstone outcrop of Black Rocks is most definitely rewarded by the outstanding views once you reach the top of Black Rocks.

Waymarked walks guide you through the Forestry Commission woodlands of Cromford Moor. You can access beautiful and varied countryside, including the high peak trail.

I love visiting the Black Rocks as it is not too far away from me, meaning that when its nice weather, it is a lovely place to visit. At the moment, I really love using my camera and visiting places where I can take some nice pictures and have a nice time up there.

It is the perfect location on a sunny day for a picnic with a view. Its even nice on a snowy day as I found out today. I was able to clear my lungs and my head and it was great.

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