Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Emily Appreciation Post- Valentines Day


Valentines day 2018 is our first together but I am extremely hopeful that it is the start of many more in the future. You came into my life on the 24th of April 2017 and changed my life since that very day, simply starting from the word 'Hey!'. On May the 29th I finally got to see your very beautiful self in person and become your girlfriend after falling for you, so hard over the course of just over a month. The rest has just been amazing.

Before I met you, I cant have known what love was, at all- now I know. You have taught me things I thought I already knew and so much more. It is so easy to feel comfortable and close to you and I cannot simply describe how truly wonderful that feels. I thought I had been loved, but I hadnt. I realise now that I had never really known what it meant to be loved, until I was loved by you: one of the many things you have taught me. From the day that you first messaged me, you have made me so incredibly happy.

I am so grateful for Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. I bet you dont know who they are, let me tell you. These two men created instagram, and without them, and their genius creation, I may never have met you, and that really isnt worth thinking about, not forgetting the creators of the phone, the internet and of course, a few other people who I am sure you're aware of. My life would be so much different if you were not in it, it actually hurts to think about. I am so glad you messaged me on the 24th of April 2017, because that day, my life changed and I was blessed with a reason to wake up every day. These last few months have been the happiest of my life. I cant tell you just how lucky I feel to have you as my girlfriend and my best friend, and to have you always by my side.

When I saw your photos on social media, I thought you were the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on (even though your selfie skills were a 3/10!) but when I met you in person, you were even more beautiful and you blew me away with your natural beauty. Your eyes are the most beautiful things- regardless of whether you like them or not, they are beautiful and it is so easy for me to get lost in them. I love your freckles Emily, it would definitely be a day well spent if all I did was trace lines from one of your freckles to the next, being next to you is a day well spent in itself. Did you know, a face without freckles is like the sky without stars? Your freckles are a beautiful piece of art exhibited onto another piece of art: you. You seem to be completely oblivious to your true beauty and that blows my mind. You are absolutely flawless in every way possible and it pains me to think that you dont see this. 

Emily, your laugh could heal the sick, it is so warm and infectious that I cannot help but be happy at the sound of your laugh. Your smile and easy laughter can make my whole day no matter where we both are. The sincere way in which you speak had me captured from day one. You're so kind, caring and honest and it totally warms my heart to know that there are people in the world like you, and that I am able to call you my girlfriend. You have a heart of gold and you genuinely want the best for me which means the absolute world and more. 

You have been the greatest person to walk into my life. You have stood by me every second of every day, you have looked out for me, you have been there for me, you have supported me and you have loved me. You have been the person I can always rely on when the world has turned on me. You are my every thought and it is impossible to remove you from my mind- not that I'd want to. 

Thank you. I know I dont say it too often, but thank you. Thank you for coming into my life. Thank you for being my person. Thank you for making me smile like crazy. Thank you for making me laugh to the point of tears and breathlessness. Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity and showing me infinite kindness. Thank you for always making it a point that I am loved, fed and well taken care of. Thank you for putting things on hold when I need you and taking care of me. Thank you for always protecting me, no matter what. Thank you for always believing in me, even when I did not believe in myself. Thank you for deciding that I am the person that you put all of your effort and energy into. Thank you for all the little things you do, I will never be able to thank you enough. Thank you for showing me that love exists and for sticking around when times get hard. Thank you for being the light of my life. And lastly, thank you for being my reason, my life and my friend.

I have found a poem that explains everything, I'd like you to read it:

                                     you came into my life
                                          at a bad time
                             when i truly hated who i was
                                 and what i had become
                                          i was broken

                             but you fought your way in
                                         and saved me

                                           you loved me
                                         and by doing so
                                            you made me
                                          love myself too


One thing I know for sure right now is that as long as we're on this journey together, there is nothing that we cant do. I am here and I want to be here for a long time. I cant wait for the future with you. I hope we both find jobs that we love, are able to get a house together because waking up to your beautiful face every morning would only be a dream, we can travel together and see so many new places and so much more. The future is ours my love. 

Ebony x

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