Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Play, Pay & Print

Play, Pay & Print is a small business located in Manchester, that started printing clothing for all people of any sizes as a hobby but found a great love for it and are now looking to do it full time.

The people involved in the business are very friendly and will most definitely go out of their way to give full customer satisfaction, with great customer service all around. 

Their website does not offer personalised products but their facebook page does, so that the customer can talk to someone 1 on 1 to get the perfect design, fast pace and easier. The process is so simple and so worth it.

They offer tshirts, adult tshirts are £10.99 regardless of the gender and kids are £7.99. They also have hoodies which are priced at £16.99 for adults but they only go up to a 3XL. They also do sweatshirts, kids clothes and baby clothes too but their most popular product is tshirts, all of which you can find on their facebook page or website, which are both easy to locate and navigate. If people see a shirt they like the design of but want it on a hoodie then they can do that for them, this is the same with if they see an adult shirt but want it in kids sizes etc. They will do anything for anyone, which is what I love about this business. 

The business do not discriminate. They are people friendly and accomodate for people of all sizes: they have mens sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL and womens sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, so a large range to choose from for many different body types and shapes. However, most women customers order men’s as they’re baggy unlike women’s as they are fitted, so it just depends how you like your tshirt to feel really. 

They offer a wide range of designs already which are colouful, intricate designs, some shown below. 

They are also LGBT+ friendly which attracted me to themselves especially. They have their own pride collection which is unique and perfect for every day wear if you're out as part of the LGBT+ community, or just a supporter. These tshirts would be especially perfect for pride events anywhere, as they are colourful and something you would be proud to wear. Get your tshirts to wear at pride from here! 

All of these are available in black or white. My personal favourite is definitely the first one, get yours from the link at the bottom of the post!

I got mine personalised, check it out! (modelled by my beautiful girlfriend!)

Click for their website to buy your own or get a personalised one like I did!

You can also find them on facebook here:

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