Thursday, 18 January 2018

Our 2018 Bucket List

This is a list of things that me and Emily want to do this year:

- go on holiday together abroad
- go to Little Moreton Hall
- go camping
- see Lucy Spraggan
- go to Beeston Castle
- go to Delamere Forest
- go to Cornwall
- stay in a lodge/cabin somewhere
- go to Monkey Forest
- go to Alderly Edge
- go to a gig
- go to Splash landings/a theme park
- go to Chester Zoo
- go tubing
- go to Shining Tor
- get to the top of Thorpe Cloud
- go ice skating
- go to Wales
- see the sun rise or sun set
- go to Pekforton Castle
- go in a cave
- go bowling
- go to a trampoline park
- do an easter egg hunt
- go to Zip World for velocity or bounce below
- make a pizza from scratch
- go out for a meal
- go on a bike ride
- go on a shopping trip
- have a full day of crafting
- go for a late night walk
- go to a festival
- go on a boat
- have a picnic in the park
- sleep under the stars
- go on a road trip
- go on a double date
- watch the planes at the airport
- go on holiday in the UK
- be happy


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