Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Music, Me And A Whole Lot Of Sass By Emilia J

(This is a guest post by the lovely Emilia J.)

2018 will be the year of the Sass Queen! The last twelve months had consisted of my
favourite moments so far – creating a hit in the studio and watching my team’s reaction;
performing for thousands of people at the incredible Pride Festival and of course the cherry
on top of the cake has had to be reaching number FIVE in the UK Club Charts with ‘Radar’ –
my heart has been exploding.

2017 was definitely a learning curve – a year of realising, growing and being brave. I believe
I have changed in crazy amounts in the last couple of years, or maybe I have just developed
as an individual all-round. Whatever the answer, it has felt pretty damn good! The best
moments are when you take a risk, believe in yourself and follow your heart. Recently I have
had to stick to my guns and jump in the deep end to get where I need to be. At times, this
can be difficult and scary, diving into the unknown but to live outside of your comfort zone
is a must. This would be my best advice to anyone with dreams for the future.

Creating music is one thing but encouraging the world to jump on-board with you is
another. Being invited to return to the likes of PopRevue in London this year was brilliant.
When performing my originals on that stage, knowing that Sam Smith and Adele once sang
and breathed that same London air, was crazy. It has to be one of my favourite events since
the support behind new original material is always greatly encouraged. To artists who
perform their own music, this is such a vital element to be who we are.

During my first week of releasing ‘Radar’, I was also given the opportunity to play at
Cornwall Pride. I have never experienced an atmosphere like it – people filled with nothing
but joy, unity and love. I was lucky enough to meet with the crowd after opening the show,
hearing individual stories of triumph and togetherness – finding peace and restoring hope. I
was so grateful for their reaction after my performance on stage. I believe I took hundreds
of selfies with the adorable crowd members that day – the proof lives on my socials! Never
before have I felt so welcomed at an event by so many people. To my fans at Pride – thank
you for speaking up for what you believe in. You are some of the bravest people I know.

From reflecting on an incredible year in 2017, I am 100% ready for what lies ahead. I have
learned to embrace uncertainty and to take all opportunities. The birth of my Sass Queen
Empire is growing as I grow and with my plans for this year, I am buzzing to get started.
Studio time is upon us which only means one thing – new music! I know this will be my
biggest sound yet. ‘Radar’ really portrayed how I was feeling last year – discovering the
balance between independence and infatuation; seizing life and being kind to myself.

Thank you to Ebony for inviting me to guest-blog on your page today! You are an ultimate Sass Queen and I am grateful for people like you in the world. To everyone that has supported me so far, I am so thankful and want to take you with me on my journey. If the first week of 2018 has been this good in putting me at number five, then the rest has lots to live up to! Remember that all of you can find your inner Sass Queen, however that may be. I hope to meet lots of you on the 2018 ‘Radar Tour’ and add more selfies to the album.

Thanks for the love,
EJ ox

Radar Music Video
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