Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Fabric wristbands, often called festival wristbands, are an extremely popular option where durability and security are key requirements for admission control to events, especially if they are outdoor and required to last more than one day. 

Not only do they look great and serve their purpose well, they are an excellent branding and marketing tool as many people continue to wear their bands long after the event as a memento band of honour.
You can choose to have your band in woven or printed styles. Sublimation printing on a soft satin wristband can be full colour and a woven polyester wristband can include UV weaves and metallic (lurex) threads for that extra individuality and security. Once you have decided on a style there are a multitude of closures from which you can choose from. You can even colour match your closure/clasp to match your band design. 
Band templates can be found on the information page on their website and they can help you design your own unique personalised fabric wristband, pantone matching colours if required. One size should fit all. 

I got sent some wristbands to try out myself and to my absolute delight, they were rainbow, like the pride flag which made me fall in love with them even more. They are so soft and comfortable to wear, I have worn it so often with pride. The colours are amazing, I dont think I have ever seen a fabric wrist band with such vibrant colours, I love it! 

The printed wrist bands are also great for events which people are walking in and out of but arent made to last obviously, as the only way to get them off is to rip them off, which is sad as you want a little momentum from your time there. But these are durable and comfy to wear.

To find out more, check out their website:

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