Sunday, 31 December 2017

New Years Resolutions

I normally dont like to set New Years resolutions as I think that they can be really unrealistic and pointless as you give up after 2 days, but I thought that it would be a decent idea to write a few goals rather than resolutions down this year so that throughout the year, I can keep coming back to this post and seeing what I have achieved- if anything.

These are most likely going to be little goals that will help me in the long run, in many ways.

1. give myself credit for every step forward, no matter how small it may seem.

2. leave the house at least 3 times a week, or at least briefly consider it.

3. drink 2 pint glasses full of water every day (trust me, its hard for me).

4. go on an adventure, no matter how big or small at least once a month.

5. post a blog post at least twice a month.

6. attempt to reply to all messages within an hour of receiving them.

7. put money in a tin to save up.

8. swear less.

9. get at least 7 hours sleep.

10. plan everything to keep my mind organised.

11. get a job.

12. focus on myself more.

13. make more time for friends and family.

14. do what is best for me in situations where a decision is being forced.

15. love myself.

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