Sunday, 3 December 2017

BLOGMAS DAY 3: Christmas Bucket List

Hello! Welcome to my blog if you're new and welcome back if you're returning! I have decided that I am going to do 'Blogmas' this year where I will be posting every day from the 1st of December until the 24th of December, so come back every day for a new post!

Christmas is nearly upon us but there is still a lot of time left to have fun so I thought as part of the Blogmas period, that I would make a list of festive things that I want to complete before christmas is over, so here goes:

- go to the christmas markets somewhere
- have a christmas movie night
- eat a candy cane
- go for a christmas light drive, looking at all the christmas lights in the town I live in
- make christmas cards/send out some bought ones
- make a snowman (weather dependent) 
- try mulled wine
- go ice skating outside
- take photographs of christmas lights
- attend a christmassy concert
- wear red lipstick at least once
- build a ginger bread house if possible
-  wear a christmas jumper at least once
- get a photo with santa
- make paper snowflakes
- try egg nog
- decorate christmas sugar cookies
- sit by the fire
- go for a winter walk
- try a new flavoured hot chocolate

there was a few of mine, leave one of yours below or tweet me!

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