Sunday, 24 December 2017

BLOGMAS DAY 24: My Christmas Eve 2017

Hello! Welcome to my blog if you're new and welcome back if you're returning! I have decided that I am going to do 'Blogmas' this year where I will be posting every day from the 1st of December until the 24th of December.

I have reached the last day of blogmas today, and I am so proud of myself for actually doing a post every day! I may even do one tomorrow, who knows.

I cant believe that it is Christmas eve already. December has gone so fast, much like this year as a whole really! It is crazy how fast time flies by.

It is currently 00:17am and I am struggling to sleep, I am hyped up because I figured out how to do something on my camera that I have been wanting to learn how to do for years- the best part is, it literally took me like 10 minutes to figure it out. What did I learn from this experience? That experimentation is good and can be very beneficial. I am feeling very positive right now and so christmassy with the fairy lights in my room, although as Lucy Spraggan says, “it doesnt feel like Christmas time at all.” So here are a few pictures from my day, Christmas Eve 2017!

                                       I actually love my fairy lights, can you tell?

I dont know what is worse, the wait for Christmas eve, to make it feel more christmassy and closer to Christmas, or the wait for Christmas day after Christmas eve, who knows?

                                      Aaaaaaand, finally it was time to wake up.

How tragic is it when you have to open the last door of the advent calendar? Lindt advent calendars are heavenly, especially the white, round chocolates- amazing. 

                        Outfit for the day! A quick photo before Emily arrived at mine.

What do you buy for an Elf obsessed girlfriend? Elf wrapping paper and Elf PJs, thats what!

                            Oh look an Elf obsessed girlfriend in an Elf hat and an Elf jumper...

                                                      The future is ours.

                                Off on a lil trip to my grandparents to deliver their presents.

So, my grandparents have a new Sprocker (Springer Spaniel and a Cocker Spaniel cross) puppy called Indy, and she is the most adorable, playful puppy- even if I do have bite marks and scratch marks on my hands and arms!

            We then went to place a few wreaths, where I took a few photos of the church.

If you saw the Aldi advert, or even just my blog post about the Christmas adverts of this year, then you will know who Kevin and Katie the carrot are. We then went around to my Uncles, Aunts and cousins to take them the carrot family.

Our night ended perfectly- a chinese. My favourite food. Shredded chilli beef, noodles, rice and chips.

I had the best day and it has made me feel a lot more christmassy, just in time for Christmas day, tomorrow!

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