Saturday, 2 December 2017

BLOGMAS DAY 2: Drink 'Til We Go Home by Lucy Spraggan Music Video Review

Hello! Welcome to my blog if you're new and welcome back if you're returning! I have decided that I am going to do 'Blogmas' this year where I will be posting every day from the 1st of December until the  24th of December, so come back every day for a new post!

Yesterday, Lucy Spraggan released a music video for her new Christmas song 'Drink 'Til We Go Home.' At only 2 minutes and 57 seconds, it certainly gets you moving with its catchy lyrics and funky festive sound.

If you are unsure of who Lucy Spraggan is, she is an English singer songwriter, currently signed to CTRL Records, which is her own record label. Back in 2012 she auditioned for the X-Factor UK and was absolutely adored by the nation despite her initial nervousness, as soon as she stepped on the stage and started singing. 

The song is an all around 10/10 alone without the video but the video just makes the song so much better. The visuals in the video fit so, so well with the music and the lyrics and it just works so well together and makes it so much more fun.

I love the idea of the video itself: Lucy, her friends and her family in a pub at Christmas time, spending much valued time with her loved ones, which I think the song is about, spending time with people you care for, having fun and drinking. Everyone in the video is doing just this. You can see people drinking (and spilling!) their beers, people dancing and singing and so much more, there is so much going on. 

The setting for the video is absolutely perfect- it is definitely somewhere I'd like to spend my Christmas eve at! There looks like there is a red effect over the whole video which I assume is from the Christmas fairy lights, which makes it look so much more festive, as red is generally a colour we all largely associate with Christmas. 

I have screenshot my favourite parts of the video which I will insert below. 

 This is at the very start of the video where we see the lyrics and the video tally up. 'Cheers!'

I love all the elements in this shot, the tree, Lucy and her friends and the blurred close up lights, there is something visually exciting in every part.

Dogs make everything better, am I right?

This is one of my favourite moments in the whole video. I shot with Lucy and Georgie in it. The lyrics during this shot are 'sounds as beautiful as you look,' as she looks at Georgie, and I just think it is so sweet and pure.

I found this quite funny because it looks like she is hugging the tree which if you compare to the people infront, is quite humerous- not sure if this was intended or not!

This is my other favourite part of the video, you can tell that they're so in love and as long as they get to spend Christmas together, nothing else matters.

I absolutely love the lighting in this section of the video, it is quite different to the rest of the video as it is more white instead of red, making it brighter. I also love the 'JOY' sign in the background of this and the other lights which are somewhat blurred, I think it makes it look really nice.

This is from the last part of the video where Lucy smiles directly at us, which I love. I think it was the sweetest way to end the video.

10/10 would rate it 10/10- fact.

Although Lucy's video for Drink 'Til We Go Home is out, you can pre order it on iTunes here:

You can also watch her video on YouTube here (make sure to like and subscribe): n/watch?v=YOTjR0xEaL8&

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  1. I love Lucy Spraggan. She’s so talented and her songs are always great.