Saturday, 16 December 2017

BLOGMAS DAY 17: Top 5 Festive Scents

Hello! Welcome to my blog if you're new and welcome back if you're returning! I have decided that I am going to do 'Blogmas' this year where I will be posting every day from the 1st of December until the 24th of December, so come back every day for a new post!

Christmas can bring back so many childhood memories with just the smell of a simple hot chocolate and many other things that we associate with the festive period, so it is no wonder we love them so much. So, its time to talk about my favourite festive scents.

1. A Christmas Tree
Is there anything more wonderful than the smell of a Christmas tree? Of course, I'm talking about a real Christmas tree rather than an artificial tree.

2. Gingerbread
The smell of gingerbread is great at any time of the year but I especially love it at christmas.

3. Log Fires
Again, these can be lit all year round but the combination of a log fire with a christmas tree in the background lit up with fairy lights is the perfect setting, especially with a movie on and your feet up.

4. Oranges
The scent of orange reminds me of when I was younger when I smelt the orange infused with cloves after we had made pomander balls at school or something. I love that smell.

5. Peppermint
I associate peppermint with candy canes and candy canes with christmas, as they are always on our tree along with baubles and other decorations, so smelling peppermint definitely gets me in a christmassy mood!

What are your favourite festive scents? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me!

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