Sunday, 31 December 2017

New Years Resolutions

I normally dont like to set New Years resolutions as I think that they can be really unrealistic and pointless as you give up after 2 days, but I thought that it would be a decent idea to write a few goals rather than resolutions down this year so that throughout the year, I can keep coming back to this post and seeing what I have achieved- if anything.

These are most likely going to be little goals that will help me in the long run, in many ways.

1. give myself credit for every step forward, no matter how small it may seem.

2. leave the house at least 3 times a week, or at least briefly consider it.

3. drink 2 pint glasses full of water every day (trust me, its hard for me).

4. go on an adventure, no matter how big or small at least once a month.

5. post a blog post at least twice a month.

6. attempt to reply to all messages within an hour of receiving them.

7. put money in a tin to save up.

8. swear less.

9. get at least 7 hours sleep.

10. plan everything to keep my mind organised.

11. get a job.

12. focus on myself more.

13. make more time for friends and family.

14. do what is best for me in situations where a decision is being forced.

15. love myself.

My 2017

2017 has not let me down as such. It has been an incredible year for me in many ways- so many good things have happened and I have shared some amazing memories with some more than amazing people. I thought that it would be nice to look back on my year and see what happened this year for me.
One of the things that happened in January was Lucys Album tour of the HMV's, for her latest album 'I Hope You Dont Mind Me Writing.' I visited 2 of these: Sheffield and Birmingham. Here is Sheffield, with my friends: Jess, Alicia, Molls Mum, Sean, Moll, Lauren and Norah. I absolutely loved this one, it was so fun, although we were waiting for absolutely ages. It was crazy though because I met Jess for the first time after talking for like 2 years or something and I got to see Lucy with one of my best friends from school, Norah.

Next, was the Birmingham date. I went here with my best pal Alicia and my mum, because who doesnt love Lucy Spraggan? This date was good and again, I got to meet people I had never met before which was incredible, especially as I'd soon get really close to them throughout 2017. Kenna was in Birmingham, not actually intending on coming and seeing Lucy Spraggan, but when she found out I was there she came and that is the cutest thing ever, but we finally met after ages, and I learnt that she gives the best hugs.

February started off with a charity ball for the Escape charity for sexually abused children. This was in Manchester and is something that I wouldnt normally go to, but I won tickets to it and Lucy was there, so I went and I actually really enjoyed it! I went with Amy, who was my next door neighbour at my first home, who has known me since I was little. We got to meet Simon Gregson AKA Steve McDonald on Coronation Street, Kym Marsh AKA Michelle Connor and Dolly-Rose Campbell AKA Gemma Winter.

I needed some photographs for my art project, so we took a somewhat spontaneous trip to Liverpool on the train, so that I could get some photos of boats and things for my project. When I had got the photos I wanted, my mum and sister went off shopping and I met up with my best pal, Ty, and we had a walk around and things. I met Ty through Lucy, and we met for the first time back in February of 2016, and its always good seeing him.

My favourite time of year just happened to fall on my birthday this year which was the best birthday present that I could have been given. And no, Christmas is still in December- I am talking about Royal Shrovetide Football. Incase you're not local to my town, Shrovetide to put is simply, is basically a massive game of football, played in the streets and fields of my town on Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday, starting each day at 2.00 pm and lasting until 10.00 pm. If the goal is scored before 5.30pm a new ball is released and play restarts from the town centre, otherwise play ends for the day. The ball is thrown up on shaw croft car park, which is in the middle of the two goals, which are 3 miles apart, one in Sturston and one in Clifton. The two teams that play the game are known as the Upards and the Downards. The Upards are those born north of the Henmore Brook which runs through the town, and Downards are those born south of the river. Ever since Shrovetide 2016 I have counted down to 2017, and the same with 2017 to 2018.

Obviously, it was my 18th birthday too on Shrove Tuesday, which is a bit of a big deal in the UK as it meant that I am now legal to drink alcohol! For my birthday, I went to Cosmo in Derby with my family and 2 of my friends: Alicia and Lucy, which was such a good night.

This was a pretty big month for me, I did quite a bit in March, mostly to do with Lucy though- no surprise there. Lucys Dear You Tour was this month and I attended 4 dates: Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham and Nottingham.

Manchester was definitely my favourite night of them all. I went with Mum and we met a few people there, and there was just such a nice atmosphere, it was amazing, and I was the blues man, what could be better? My friend Kellie asked Lucy "do you ever get fed up of seeing the same fans?" and to which Lucy replied "no just ebola," savage. After the gig, mum went back to the hotel and me and Kellie went to G-A-Y where Lucy was going after, it was such a good night!

The next date was Sheffield, where I went with my sister on the train. This was a wonderful gig and I even got to be there when my friend got engaged!

I went to the Birmingham date with Meg, and she went out of her way so much to help me and she is literally one of the best humans there is. The gig was okay, I met some lovely people, and had a laugh.

Nottingham was nearly on par with Manchester. I went with my sister and met a few people there. We had Q&A tickets and it was the first time I actually spoke in one and asked her a question (I havent since though!) I must have had a sudden burst of confidence or something! The night was so good and we got a lift home with Amy and Terrie which was lovely of them! 

We went on a little weekend break in April to Skegness and because we had space for someone else to come, I asked Kenna if she wanted to come and she did! I had such a fun filled weekend, it was so worth it. I even got to visit one of my favourite places- Natureland Seal Sanctuary- on the condition that I would go on a pedal boat with Kenna, of course!

April was the month that really stood out to me in 2017. It was the month in which my girlfriend first messaged me on Instagram. At the time she was still in America which is crazy to think about now as we have seen each other so much since then, but all we had then was facetime and we could only plan things for when she got back which was so nerve racking! I am so glad she messaged me because she has made me so happy since the day she first messaged me.


This is the month that me and Em finally met and it is the month that she became my girlfriend- meaning we have been together for 7 months already! It has gone crazy fast but I feel like I have known her all my life.

May was also the month that the biggest change of my life happened: I left school. It is so weird, leaving school when you have spent the best part of 7 years of your life there, especially if you arent keen on change anyway. 7 months later, I am not in Uni and I dont have a job, but I want one. I am not doing a lot but I am doing an online photography course when I can, as Id love to know how to work my camera properly and make the most out of its settings. One friend I have kept since the day I met her is Lish, we have a photo in year 7 or 8 I believe, we then recreated this photo on our last day of year 11 and the same on our last ever day at school, here they are!

We went on our first holiday abroad of the year this month and I think it was my favourite! We went to Spain, the weather was lovely for the majority of the time, until there was a thunder and lightening storm and we were caught outside in the hail! I didnt lose my glasses in the sea and have to spend the holiday blind this one either!

I also saw Lucy this month with Alicia again and her family. This time it was in Wolverhampton for their live event. I met some pals there that I had never met before and it was just a lovely afternoon in itself!

Me and Emily went to our first pride together this month: Worksop pride. It was only ever so small but Lucy was playing there so we went along. I think it was Ems very first pride all together. We met with a friend of mine and waited for Lucy to come on and she was amazing as always and so lovely to me and so was darran, even though they both attacked me with sharpies- not cool.

After Worksop pride, me and Emily camped overnight, had a chinese as well because we're professional campers and then the next day, we headed off to Godiva festival in Coventry with Alicia. This was absolutely massive, but Lucy was amazing and so many people knew her songs. I even got to meet Sam who lives in New Zealand which was crazy!

I just realised how Lucy packed this month was, because I also went to shardfest in Birmingham to see Lucy. I went here with Alicia and its a miracle we even made it, we shouldnt be allowed out of the house alone... We only actually decided on going here because we knew that our friend, Jamie was going, and we had never met him, so we decided to surprise him, and he did not suspect a thing.

I had wanted to go to Cottingham Folk Festival last year but there was no way at all that I could get there and I actually had the chance to go this year with my 2 best pals Becca and Kellie and it was so great. Becca's mum drove out of her way to come and get me which was so amazing of her to do and then drove us all to Cottingham. When we got there, there was a few people there but it was so hot that me and Becca went and got ice lollies.

Cottingham was the time that I got to have a lil mini photoshoot type thing with Lucy, which was absolutely amazing but terrifying. The photos didnt turn out that great but I was shaking so bad, so I am fairly happy with what I have, I hope I can do it again sometime soon!

I went on another holiday this year, the day after Cottingham actually. We went to Spain again but to a different place. The weather wasnt as warm as the last holiday but we still managed to tan- even me and I dont tan at the best of times! We had another rain/hail storm on this holiday as well as the last and our hotel even flooded a bit! The road was like a river. We still had a lovely time despite this!

Lucys Acoustic Tour started this month, and again, I went to 4 dates! Stoke, Liverpool, Derby and Leicester- yes, you heard right, Lucy came to Derby again! Tour for me kicked off in Stoke which was such a good gig, I went with my mum and my sister and we met Emily there, I had a Q&A and them lot didnt, so I went in with Lauren and found my other pals in there.

The next tour date was Liverpool, I went here with Emily and we made a mini break out of it, we booked a hotel, attempted to get a little tipsy- I say attempted, I attempted, she accomplished, saw Lucy and went to the beach, it was such a lovely few days.

Derby, my closest city (ish) was the next date at only 30 minutes away from me. So many of my friends were going to this date which made it even more special. Hannah was travelling all the way from Jersey to go to this date which was awesome so I finally got to meet her! I also organised a little project for Lucy at this date just to show her how proud we are.

Leicester was the last date of tour for me, where I went with Alicia, and I am actually so surprised that we made it into the venue considering we were using google maps to get there and had to walk around, stopping and sitting in different places because we were the first there and we didnt know where the door was. ALSO, I got to experience Alicia's driving, and I didnt die!

October is obviously one month that sticks out for Halloween, I love halloween so much because it means I get to be a bit creative, as this usually entails carving about 4 pumpking for my nan, which I absolutely love even though they take a bit of a long time to do. In the past I have done a camper van (scary I know!), a minion and many other things, so I thought that I would include this years. Also, me and Emily went to a pumpkin patch at a farm where we got a pumpkin each, so I'll drop in a few pictures from that too!

Once it hits November, you know that Christmas really is around the corner. Its when all of the Christmas light switch on events usually happen and when the Christmas lights in the towns go up. I went to two Christmas light switch on events this year, one in Wakefield and one in Stockport. Lucy was playing at both of them, obviously. I went to Stockport first with my mum and sister, and to my surprise, there were so many people there, more than I expected, although, we did turn up like 30 minutes before Lucy came on which wouldnt have helped the matter. Anyway, this one was the absolute best. We had such an amazing time, and somehow Georgie even spotted me from up on a balcony and shouted me! I also gave Darran a birthday card and met Amelia-Lily (G).

I went to Wakefield Christmas light switch on with Alice, who practically begged me to go, but I am so glad I went because I had such an amazing time with everyone. However, she only played like 3 songs which was a lil rubbish but it was so worth it.


December may have had a bit of snow but at the beginning, me and Em were off to the seaside! We went to Blackpool Sea Life Centre and the Grand Theatre, which were both incredible, you can read more about them here: sea life post and the grand theatre post .

lets ignore the fact that we were in the bathroom at the hotel, we needed somewhere to stand the phone to take a timed photo, judge us, go ahead haha!

I really wanted a white Christmas this year, how magical would that be? Sadly, we didnt get one, but we did get snow a bit before that, which weirdly, felt more christmassy than it did on Christmas day. We went for a walk in the snow which was incredibly beautiful. More photos can be found here:

This month was a pretty exciting month for me as the cave gig that Lucy Spraggan was doing was coming up, as soon as it hit December the 1st,  my excitement intensified for the 15th of December. It was such a good night, so magical, I was just a bit bummed that I didnt get to meet Lucy after, as mum wanted to get off because she didnt know what the conditions of the roads would be like, which was the best option but to our suprise, they were perfectly fine and we could've stayed for a bit after all! read more about it here:

Before we knew it, the big day had arrived faster than we had anticipated and it was Christmas Eve already. I spent the majority of Christmas Eve this year with Emily, which was lovely. We also went to my nan and grandads, where they have a new sprocker puppy called Indy, so it was nice to see them all. It ended in a chinesep- what a perfect day! You can read more about my Christmas Eve here:

On Christmas day this year, we did kind of what we usually do, but with a bit of a twist. We came downstairs, well, I did like 3 hours after everyone because I couldnt sleep on Christmas Eve due to tummy ache so I was knackered! But, we opened our presents, I went and showered and me and mum headed off to nans house to do the vegetables for her, and later on my dad and sister joined us there and we ate dinner. My uncle, aunt and cousins joined us later on and went before tea time. I had a lovely day but it really didnt feel like Christmas at all. To see a photo spam of my Christmas day, check here: