Monday, 27 November 2017

Hippeas: Power To The PEAple

Hippeas are healthy snacks made from chickpeas, meaning that they are good for the mind, body and soil.

The healthy snacks flavours that I received were: Cheese & Love, tangy cheesy puffs, In Herbs We Trust, loaded with rosemary, oregano and thyme, Far Out Fajita, a fiery stash of chilli, paprika and cumin, and Sweet & Smokin', paprika spice, smoked sea salt and onion. My personal favourite flavour was the Cheese & Love flavour as I really like cheesy crisps and they are somewhat similar to wotsits if you like them and wanted to try something new!

Hippeas are good for you in many ways, they are:
- gluten free
- organic
- vegan
- baked not fried
- plant protein
- packed with fibre
- low in calories
- corn free
- dairy free

They have:
- no artifical preservatives
- no trans fat per serving
- no MSG

Hippeas are good for the earth due to them being made from mostly chickpeas. Chickpeas themselves are good for the earth because as they grow, they release nitrogen back into the earth.

If all this goodness wasnt enough, Hippeas supports a charity who work in sub-saharan Africa who help farmers become more pioneering and productive, climate-smart and competitive, enabling them and their communities to grow their way out of provety and to thrive. Hippeas supports this charity as they believe in change from the ground up, and this charity does just that.

Hippeas can be found in a great variety of shops, including: Planet Organic, Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, As Nature Intended, Superdrug, WHSmith, Asda, Sainsburys, Whole Foods and more.

For more information about Hippeas, visit their website

*disclaimer* not my photograph!

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