Wednesday, 4 October 2017


1. What do you identify as?
I currently identify as a human.

2. How did you discover your sexuality?
I got my magnifying glass out and did some digging, I knew I would find it in the end. 

3. Who was the first person you told?
I cant even remember to be honest with you. I have 2 best friends in mind and it was one of them. 

4. Describe what it was like coming out.
To my friends, it was absolutely terrifying. Not knowing whether someone was going to accept or reject you, normally for them only to say 'I know.'

5. If you’re out, how did your parents/guardians/friends react when you told them?
I was asked if I was with the girl I am with now. 

6. What is one question you hate people asking about your sexuality?
'Are you sure you're gay?'
'Who's the man?'

7.  Whats your favourite thing about the LGBT+ community?
I absolutely love how everyone is so supportive of each other no matter what. How everyone celebrates a coming out story or a proposal.

8. Have you ever been to a gay bar?
I have, I went to G-A-Y in Manchester after Lucy Spraggan's gig at the Ritz in March this year with my friend Kellie and it was so much fun, such a lovely atmosphere. 

9. Who is your favourite LGBT+ icon/advocate/celebrity?
Its a toss up between Lauren Jauregui and Lucy Spraggan. Lucy's witty replies to homophobia always make for a good laugh on twitter or facebook. Lauren's open letter to Trump about his obvious misogyny, his homophobia, his dismissal of the arts, and his incessant ideology pushing of minority communities as terrorists, rapists, and criminals was inspiring and was her way of coming out which I thought was very clever.

10. Have you been in a relationship and how did you meet?
I have, I am currently in a relationship and funnily enough we met on Instagram- social media isnt always bad!

11. Have you ever faced discrimination?
Not that I know of, the only reaction I have ever got when holding hands with my girlfriend has been extremely positive. One happened in Liverpool when an older woman tapped me on the shoulder as we crossed on some steps and said to us, 'well done girls, its wonderful isnt it.' Another was in Derby when we were walking to the cinema, an older man just said 'excuse me, its nice to see that you can walk down the road like that (holding hands) and to be happy.' So, so lovely to hear, especially from the older generation than ourselves. 

12. Your favourite LGBT+ movie or show?
I mean, I dont really watch movies or shows but there was a short video which I think was called 'In A Heartbeat,' not too sure on the title, but that was so sweet and seeing children react to it absolutely warmed my heart.

13. The most ridiculous thing you’ve heard about LGBT+ community?
That being part of the LGBT+ community is a mental health disorder, or that you 'choose' to be.

14. The LGBT+ slur you hate the most?
I think 'faggot' is the most disgusting and offensive of them all.

15. End this on something you’d like to tell the world about LGBT+
The people of the LGBT+ community are simply humans, no different from heterosexuals. Sexuality doesnt make you much different and is not a choice. You are not just born straight and choose to be something else, its not like that. Children who have gay parents are blessed to have loving parents at all- no, its not forcing them to be gay, this is like saying straight couples are forcing their kids to be straight, stop. Gay marriage shouldnt be a thing, a happy marriage however should. LOVE IS LOVE, thats all.

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