Monday, 22 August 2016

What Is My Most Prized Possession?

Recently I was asked what my most prized possession was- to which I answered a photo in a frame, which clearly they were not expecting. Many people today are obsessed with technology (including me!) so would have probably said their phones- I do love my phone, but there are greater things in life, like our memories and how that memory is kept alive. 

As you can probably tell from my blog so far, I really do love Lucy Spraggan, and luckily, this year I have been able to meet her on 16 different occasions in many different places, including: Derby, Leicester, Doncaster and many more places, some of which I had never visited before these trips to see Lucy. On these trips I have collected many photographs of myself and Lucy, which if I can, I like to get printed out, so I can put them on my wall or in frames, as seeing these photographs around my room, remind me of what I have to be thankful for. 

One of my favourite photographs that I have with Lucy was captured outside the 2Q festival in Derby, which was actually an over 18s event, but me and Alicia decided to go anyway, to see if we could meet her again. This particular photograph wasn't taken when I was alone with Alicia- it was taken when I waited for a bit outside the venue with my mum and sister and told Lucy that 'Momma Lyons' was outside there wanting to say hi. I love this photograph because I just look so happy- and so does Lucy, we looked happy to be in each others company and that makes me happy, because I definitely was.

That memory is in the frame, which is one of my most favourite things that I own. The reasoning for this is not just down to the picture.

A month or two ago I went to see Lucy in Doncaster, (which was honestly one of the best nights of my life) I got to meet some absolutely lovely people who I had never met before, Katie, Molly, Sarah and Iona thats you! I had waited 2 and a half years to meet Molly, so it was lovely to finally meet her. Sarah also gave me a lift there which I really appreciated- she allowed me to get to see my idol again, have the best day with the best people and meet some of my best friends again, which I can never really thank her enough for- she is an angel.

I took the frame with the photograph me and Lucy in, to the Doncaster event. When I met Lucy, I asked her to sign it- so of course, I was expecting the usual 'love Lucy Spraggan' or something along those lines. I watched her in absolute shock as she wrote 'to my beautiful ebola, love Lucy Spraggan.' I felt like I was melting on the floor, honestly. I have never loved someone as much as I did her in that moment. She made me feel so special and as if I actually mean something to someone, and I cannot thank her enough for that. She means the absolute world to me- and so does that photo frame. It is something that I will treasure forever. I hope there are many more occasions like this, the memories last a lifetime. 

This is the frame that I talk about- although the top part has rubbed off slightly which Lucy pointed out whilst writing it. 

This is a digital copy of photo that I took of the frame, so I could just get the writing.


  1. This is so beautiful! I don't normally read blogs but wow I think you've converted me. My most prized possession is probably my ukulele which really helped grow my confidence in making and performing music. Plus it's signed by Dodie from a London meetup so it's really sentimental and holds many memories c: