Monday, 26 December 2016


These statuses on Facebook- the "raising awareness for suicide" statuses. What are they really raising awareness of? They do not show the true reality of suicide, they do not exactly hit home do they? Especially when in reality, the people probably just did it for a couple of likes and to look like a nice person.

Overall, the reality of suicide is the fact it happens. Unfortunately it is very common too. Suicide kills many people a day and it is one of the saddest deaths someone can have. People act like it's insignificant but it's not- it is extremely upsetting to think that someone who has commit suicide was struggling so much that they did not think that they had any other option but to end their life, if only more people were open to talking about the taboo subjects like suicidal thoughts, then maybe more people would talk about how they are feeling, so more suicide attempts could be avoided in the future. 

I do not think that it really hits home until you have been suicidal- you know how real it is and how strong the feelings are, but the beautiful part is when you eventually come out of that bad period in your life and you are able to share your story. Maybe your story would raise awareness, show the reality, and not be focused on looking good and getting some likes.

Heres the reality.

Whether its bullying, drugs, alcohol, a bad break up, unemployment, mental health or any other reasons, they all have bad, life changing consequences. 

ANYONE can have a suicidal thought, so before you say that suicide is selfish, it could be you, it could be anyone. You could one day be so happy and the next day that could all change. You may find no reason to carry on and you could find yourself being suicidal. No one would ever choose to be. We were all given a life, we all just want to be happy but when that cannot be achieved and we see no hope in the future, we want to find the nearest exit. 

Suicide IS NOT selfish. Suicide is most definitely a last resort for someone. When you're rocking side to side in a corner of your room at 4am, when you're suicidal, you're not thinking about who you would hurt if you left the earth- you are thinking about yourself. For once, your number one priority is yourself. If you were not struggling, there may not be a reason to be suicidal. You do not just attempt suicide for the fun of it, to upset a few family members and friends. There are issues deep down that need to be dealt with and help is needed to achieve a healthier happier self. 

Until you have been in the head of someone who is suicidal, or you have been suicidal yourself I dont think you can really appreciate how hard it is for someone who is experiencing these thoughts. Heres how my friend Shannon puts it: "Having suicidal thoughts is basically like being in a sinking boat with no life jacket and not knowing how to swim- you either drown or you quickly learn to swim and save yourself." If that is not the most accurate way of putting it, I do not know what is.

Suicide not only has an impact on the person who chooses to end their life but also on those who they left behind, their family and friends and it changes many many lives. Many people feel a deep sense of guilt after a loved one has left them due to suicide, as they may feel like they were not there for them when they needed help the most. The suffering endured by all parties could be avoided if people just talked. 

I put out a tweet as I was wanting peoples input towards this topic, so that anyone could reply to it if they saw it. The tweet said "I'm writing a blog post about suicide/suicidal thoughts. if you could sum up the reality of the topic in a tweet, please drop it below or dm." I got many tweets and direct messages through about the subject, which were all valid and accurately described, but the one that hit me the hardest was one from the British singer songwriter, Lucy Spraggan. Lucy is someone I look up to and love- to read what she said about the subject hurt me. The fact that she understands what it feels like to be at the lowest place really shows that anyone can suffer, anyone can have a mental illness and anyone can be suicidal. Even the people in the spotlight, who appear to have 'perfect' lives can struggle. She summed it up as:

                    "• Hating everything you love. 
                     • Lack of colour. 
                     • Confidence allergy. 
                     • Distance. 
                     • Everything is ok.
                     • I love you but you can't help rn."

So please: ask someone how they are and if they are sure- not lying to you. Offer people help, show them love and support. Smile at strangers- you do not know what other people are going through.

Suicide helplines:
- Samaritans UK 116 123 (24 hours, 7 days a week and FREE)
- Console Ireland call 1800 247 247 or text HELP to 51444 (24 hours, 7 days a week)
- PAPYRUS HOPELineUK call  01925 572444 if you are a young person
- Helpline Wales call 0800 132 737 

If you do not see your country on their, all you have to do is type in 'suicide helplines (your country)'


  1. I love how your friend Shannon explains it so perfectly. Thank you for writing this ebs

  2. If only I didn't know how to explain it so perfectly ����

  3. So true. Lovely input from Lucy as well :) Fabulously written, Eb- well done :) xx