Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Why Go See An Artist You Have Already Seen Before?

Constantly I am questioned why I see my idols more than once. 'You've seen Lucy loads, why go again?' 'How many times have you seen them? Whats the point in going again?' 'Why go again when it will all be the same stuff that you've already seen?' I will never understand why people ask me this or why they even feel the need to comment. 

Lucy Spraggan is the person I am asked about most as I have seen her more than everyone else. The answer to why I see her so much is simply because I want to. Because it makes me happy, and if something makes you happy then why not do it as often as possible?

People feel that it is a waste of money to see the same show over and over. But it is not. Every single show something else happens. Sometimes it will be new songs that was not played on the dates you’ve attended before. Sometimes the artist does something funny or you just want to experience it with a different audience or a different view. There are many factors involved in the reasons why people bother going to see the same artist and the same shows every single time. Every time you see this artist you get to know them a little better and they get to know you a little better, and who doesnt want a friendship with their idol?
I like to live by the motto 'if not now, when?' as much as I can. Life is so unpredictable, we literally have no idea what will happen in a few minutes let alone tomorrow or next week. Although scary to think of, we could sadly not be here this time next week, no body knows. Why spend your life wishing you could do something if you have the chance to do something? If Lucy goes on tour, I am going to want to go and see her because I love her and her music, so why should I miss out on the opportunity? If I have the money, a way of getting there and someone to go with, I will go.

Concerts are a good thing to keep me positive. Throughout the time I purchase a ticket to the actual concert, it gives me something to look forward to, for example, I am seeing Lucy in March 2017 on her Dear You tour, and I am so, so excited. Whenever I feel a bit down I listen to Lucys music and remember that I am seeing her in March, and instantly feel better. Its the same at the actual concert. For the time you're there and waiting for the concert to start, you leave all the school stress, the deadlines, the struggles and everything else at home, you're there for the music and it is easy to forget because your mind is taken over by excitement.

I enjoy walking into the venue, seeing the stage and talking to others who are just as excited as I am. Seeing people whos faces you've only seen through a screen is a big bonus too. The people who have been there for you, when your 'real life' friends that you've known for years are not. The ones who know the real you. The ones who understand your love for that artist. Its great meeting new people at gigs too, who have the same interests with you, many of which you will stay in contact with for a long time. I have been friends with my best friend for over 3 years, we met at a concert- isnt that incredible? 

One of the wonderful things about going to concerts is meeting the artist if you get chance. Lucy Spraggan for example, always makes the effort to meet people before a show and is never, ever rude, unlike some... Her gigs are so reasonably priced compared to some other people priced at below £20, and at the end of every show- she meets everyone, until there is no one in the building. How special is that? It is so wonderful that she takes the time out for us as her fans. Every time I see her she gets to know me a bit more (and I talk a bit more!) and I have a different experience of meeting her every time.
That is why I see my idols as many times as I do, h a p p i n e s s.