Monday, 24 October 2016

Meeting Fifth Harmony!

Back in 2012 I saw 5 young girls form a girl group on X Factor USA called Fifth Harmony- Lauren Jauregui, Normani Kordei, Camila Cabello, Ally Brooke and Dinah Jane Hansen. With them being supported by Demi Lovato, who is also one of my favourite singers, they soon became one of my favourite acts as well as Bea Miller. They performed popular songs on the show including, Demi Lovato's 'Give Your Heart A Break' and Ellie Gouldings 'Anything Could Happen.' Ever since then I have supported and loved them. However, I didnt get to see them until late 2015, when I went to Manchester to watch them perform on their UK leg of the Reflection tour, from which I became extremely close with many fantastic people, who I am lucky enough to still talk to. From seeing them in Manchester, I knew that their popularity would grow and I may not ever get the chance to see them again, let alone meet them.
My hope to see them soon changed when I found some competitions to not only win tickets to see the girls, but to meet them also. However, not believing that anything would come out of it- I entered them. Also, a massive shoutout to the 5H groupchat guys who entered the competition for me so I could see them all and the girls. A few days before the concert came and I had actually forgotten that I had entered the competition on the Motorpoint Arenas facebook page, but to my surprise, the page popped up in my notifications and said that I was infact going to meet the girls that I had loved for years. I am sure it comes as no surprise that I was extremely excited and I might have cried.
I later received email informing me that I had won a full meet and greet package, which also included a soundcheck experience! I didnt ever think I would meet them and I feel so lucky to get this opportunity and I will never, ever forget it.
The day finally came and we left home to arrive in Nottingham for 3pm, as meet and greet check in was from 3-3:45pm. Once we arrived at the venue it was absolute chaos, as there was queues everywhere and we had no idea where to go, however we finally got checked in and proceeded to soundcheck, exciting! This was my first soundcheck experience, and I loved how intimate it was. However, for people just paying for the soundcheck (soundcheck package) I dont think that it is long enough for how much you have to pay. It was so strange, making eye contact with the girls after only seeing their faces on my screen for years, but so lovely too. I'll post some photos from the soundcheck below and then go on to explain what happened after that!

Next was the meet and greet. I honestly have never been so scared but excited to meet someone in my life. We were practically in the middle of the queue, so we didnt have too long to wait. The moment finally came and this was the closest I had ever been to Fifth Harmony- they were the other side of the curtain. I'm not going to lie to you, it was like we were animals being pushed around at a market. You start at one person they have their hand on you to the next person ect. I walked around the corner and the first person I saw was Camila, she was smiling and she looked SO cute, and she said "Hi" as I was pushed past her into the middle to take my photo. I stood inbetween Lauren and Normani, and if I could have chosen, I probably would have wanted it like that, so it was pretty lucky! Somewhere in the middle of standing inbetween them and getting our photos taken Lauren asked me "Are you okay?" and my voice went shaky and my heart actually melted. Once we had our 2 photos taken, a man told me to leave, but the girls smiled at me and said bye and Ally said "I love you" and I was about to walk around the corner when Dinah said "I love your top girlllll" and in a bit of a mess I replied something like "Ahh! thank you, me too. Haha!" Unfortunately, that was the meet and greet over, but finally I got to meet them- it was so good and I am so thankful. I'll post my meet and greet photos below- beware though they all look super cute, your heart may melt and Lauren Jauregui is adorable. 

The next exciting thing was the support act I had been waiting to see again for 3 and a half years. Camryn, the girl with bright blue hair with an extremely powerful and beautiful voice. I first saw Cam on One Direction's, Take Me Home tour in 2013, and I had discovered her shortly before that, maybe half a year before and I have been a fan ever since. I didnt get to meet her in 2013, so when I found out that she was touring with Fifth Harmony, I was even more upset that I wasnt coming. Camryn absolutely smashed her set, covering the popular song 'Closer' by the Chainsmokers and Halsey, and performing a few of her new songs including my favourites 'Stadium,' and 'Machines.' If you havent heard them, you should check them out! To my delight, she said that she would be at the merch stand after her set, so obviously that is where we headed after! She was so lovely, despite my awkwardness and getting my ring caught in her top (which she could relate to) and I told her how long I had waited to meet her and see her again, she replied 'Awhhh! Bless you, thank you!" I shall also post the photo I got with Camryn although I dont like it at all. 

The concert was so good, so upbeat and entertaining. It was so nice to hear the new songs from their new album 7/27 live, and also great to hear the older songs like 'Miss Movin' On' live again. I was in one of the tiered blocks, and sadly I was 1 of 3 who actually knew the words to every song and i was 1 of 4 who were actually standing up and dancing. What surprised me most was that half of the people sat in my block were on their phones whilst the girls were on? Anyway, it was extremely good to say the least, I am very proud of them. Here are a few of the photos that I took during the concert.

I am so grateful that I got this opportunity, as I know it will never happen again. It was honestly one of the best days of my life and I will never forget it. 


  1. You deserve it so much. Xx

  2. First, I'm jealous. Second, I'm happy you met the most beautiful women of this generation. Third, you will see them and more again, so shush and look at the lighter side of hope. I myself would have Been the other small percentage that would have sang and danced, and I would have smiled for miles, just ad the women do. I'm thankful that you went and enjoyed all of your experience with fifth harmony and camryn. Hopefully the wait to see them again isn't long and maybe just maybe you'll get to meet them longer than before. Thank you for sharing and thank you for everything else. I hope you look back at this and can only be left to smile and be happy.

  3. What do you think about that why camila left fifth harmony.